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Vape Carry Cases

While vaping products are generally made from well-engineered stainless steel, ceramic, and Pyrex components, the various materials from which they are manufactured can still bend, break, dent, or chip when improperly stored. E-liquid bottles are also notorious for leaking in places like gym bags or briefcases and ruining perfectly good clothing items, documents, and even electronics. For these reasons and more, equipment cases are absolutely essential to ensuring the longevity of your vaping rigs, juice bottles, and toolkits. Vape Superstore is proud to carry the entire Coil Master line, including two hard shelled travel cases, the K Bag, the K Bag Mini, as well as the soft-bodied P Bag.We also have on special offer our very own Vape Superstore carrying case, which is roughly the size of a sunglasses holder and can easily hold a travel-sized atomizer and a moderate amount of e-juice. Don’t let another day go by without purchasing the essential gear you need protect your equipment from breaking or sustaining unnecessary wear. Purchasing a portable carrying case is a great investment that will without a doubt save you money in the long run.