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Glass Tanks

While in a perfect world nothing bad would happen to your vaporizer or any of its component parts, sometimes accidents happen. The most fragile piece of any tank atomizer, the glass itself, is inherently prone to breaking and sometimes will need replacement. Lucky for you, Vape Superstore has a wide range of replacement glass covering a large percentage of the products we sell. If something does go wrong and you need a replacement tank, we’ve got an affordable option that will get you back to chucking clouds in no time. In addition to those in need of a replacement for a broken glass tank, we also sell a number of tanks that come with eye-pleasing metal sleeves for anyone who wants an extra layer of protection against breakage as well as to have their rig to stand out in the crowd. Though you can’t always prevent damage to the glass of your tank, we’re here to help if anything should happen to your rig and with our fast shipping options and wide range of replacement tanks available, it’s not the end of world. It might even be a good idea to buy an extra glass tube to keep around just in case.