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Vape Tools

An absolutely essential part of any vaping setup, a versatile toolkit will often times be the difference between a quality vaping experience and a mediocre one. While coil building without a quality toolkit is clearly impossible, even users of plug and play starter kits are going to be well served by having an assortment of tools for any problems should they arise. From coiling jigs to full DIY toolkits and ohm meters, Vape Superstore has everything you could possibly need to service your collection of mods and atomizers.We proudly feature a full line of Coilmaster and UD tools of the highest quality to ensure you’re never without the things you need should anything go wrong with your rig. Experienced coil builders will find our expansive collection of tools and testing meters to include not just necessary items, but instruments of the highest quality specifically designed with ease of use in mind to give you the ultimate coil building experience. Essential tools like ohm meters have to be able to measure resistance and voltage, but ohm meters like the one we offer from Coilmaster assist you greatly and add tremendous convenience to the coil building process, along with highly accurate readings, to give you a coil building experience that’s simply a breeze.If you need further information or have a question regarding a product then please contact us directly by clicking here.