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18650 Batteries

18650 batteries are the most common type of battery used within vape mods and kits. One of the most vital components of any setup, without a battery to power your device it would never function. The term 18650 refers to the size of the battery, with a 18mm diameter and a 65mm height. 18650 vape batteries have the capability of pushing out huge amounts of power whilst maintaining great battery life. Whilst some vape starter kits may contain an in-built battery cell, higher powered mod kits will require at least one battery to power the device and 18650 batteries have been accepted as the industry standard. Fitting many vape kits such as SMOK, Aspire and Vaporesso.

Which 18650 battery is best for my kit?

When deciding which 18650 is best for your setup, you should take into consideration a number of factors:

Battery Capacity

The capacity of the battery is measured in mAh (Milliamp Hours), this could range from anywhere between 1500mAh up to 3500mAh. The higher the capacity the more power/energy your cell will generate for longer periods of time. One of the most reliable is the Samsung 18650 battery which has a pretty hefty capacity at 3000mAh.

Discharge Current

Measured in amps, the discharge current rating will give you an idea of the amount of current you continue to draw from the battery, whilst maintaining an effective battery life without it overheating. Generally the higher the rating, the better the battery will be.


For vapers, the higher the voltage your battery is capable of delivering the harder the hit will be which in turn leads to more vapour being produced and generating bigger clouds. 18650 batteries are usually rated at either 3.6 or 3.7 volts.

Operating Temperature

To avoid any damage and to ensure safety whilst in use, all vape batteries need to operate at a low temperature. If your battery was to hit a high temperature too quickly it will rapidly diminish the age of the battery and can lead to damage. If they overheat they can become extremely dangerous, and in some cases can burst.

Buy 18650 Batteries at Vape Superstore

Vape Superstore stock a wide collection of rechargeable 18650 batteries, all are fully tested and verified from reputable brands such as Sony, Samsung and LG. If your battery becomes damaged it is advised that these are re-wrapped to protect the battery. If your battery is showing signs of damage then we also stock a range of battery wraps. If you are unsure which battery is the best for your kit, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team who would be happy to advise you.