• Sweet Jesus Juice – The Son Review

    Prohibition Vapes Co., a UK based vape and coffee lounge modelled on the speakeasies of America’s prohibition era, is famous throughout London for being one of the best places to sit with a cup of coffee and have a chat with a friend while puffing on your favourite vape kit and juice. Known throughout the world for their homemade and hand crafted house juices, Sweet Jesus Juices is their tongue in cheek play on the Holy Trinity of Christianity that attempts to bring flavours to their customers that are so good they must have come from God himself.

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  • What is a mechanical mod?

    The term “mod” refers to the part of the vape kit that is held in the users hand during vaping. Containing the battery, fire button, and a connector on top, the atomizer responsible for the actual production vapour attaches to a mod and cannot work without one. There are many options available to vaping hobbyists today including all-in-one mods, box style mods, pen style mods, and mechanical mods, and these different mod styles break down into two types: regulated and unregulated.

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  • Ijoy Maxo V12 Vape Tank Review

    Designed specifically for the most extreme cloud chasers in the vaping community, the Ijoy Maxo V12 vape tank certainly doesn’t disappoint. Supporting multiple varieties of premade coils including the absolutely massive V12-C12 twelve coil head as well as the versatility of an RBA option, the Ijoy Maxo makes for an absolutely perfect vape rig for any competitive cloud chaser or trick bender.

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  • AsMODus Silvanus Plus 70W Review

    The result of a collaborative effort between vape powerhouses asMODus and Ultron, the stylish and beautiful Silvanus Plus 70W effortlessly combines form and function into a breath taking vape mod you have to see to believe. Constructed from long lasting stabilised wood and sporting a full range of vaping modes and coil options, the Silvanus Plus packs all the power and features necessary for a superior vaping experience into a unique and eye catching case destined to draw attention.

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  • Far - Melon Ball E-Liquid Review

    For a nice melon blend that won’t overpower you with sweetness, Melon Ball from Far is well worth a try.

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  • Bad Drip - Dropout E-Liquid Review

    A pair of juices from the expert mixologists over at Bad Drip, Dropout is a rare and unique treat a bit outside the realm of normal vaping.

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  • Froot - Bango E-Liquid Review

    Simple and sophisticated, the perfectly proportioned banana and mango blend of Bango from Froot makes it a wonderful e-liquid for lovers of fruit.

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  • Froot – Razberi E-Liquid Review

    Just like the real, freshly squeezed juice from a raspberry, Froot’s Razberri flavour is perfect tart and sweet at the same time. This brand prides itself on producing flavours which contain “no gimmicks, no nasties – just Froot,” and this flavour is one of their fruitiest.

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  • Far – Neon Red Slushie E-Liquid Review

    Who doesn’t love an ice cold, juicy, red slushie? It brings us straight back to our childhood, when we had to be careful to drink it slowly or we’d get intense slushie-induced brain freeze!

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  • S-Body Elfin DNA75 Mod Review

    There’s more to the S-Body Elfin than meets the eye - this zinc alloy mean machine is the “smallest and lightest DNA 75 mod on the market”, despite containing a powerful, built-in 1800mah 18650 battery. Its chunky rubberized finish and rather intimidating exterior is deceptive – it’s actually very portable and easy to use.

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