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  • Health Benefits of CBD Liquids

    Anyone else have more trouble keeping up with the latest health trends than they do with the Kardashians? On Monday, meat prevents cancer. On Tuesday, it causes it. As we stack our shopping trolleys with slow-release oats, nutrient-rich fruits and whatever spirulina is, it’s official. Health is the biggest thing happening right now.

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  • What Is CBD Liquid?

    We’ve all got one. That super mellow friend who comes head-to-toe in ethnic fabrics, probably owns a guitar and is very proud of the vegan house they built from sustainably-sourced hemp. We lose them a bit at “hemp”, because that makes us wonder what they’re smoking, but this friend isn’t smoking anything. They did (once upon a time). Then they did their research, discovered vaping is 95% safer than smoking and now they buy stuff like this.

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  • Cloud Chasing vs Flavour Chasing

    Hey, chasing stuff is cool. Adele did it with pavements, and it earned her millions. While the majority of vapers are still transitioning ex-smokers, the industry’s been around long enough to have its fans. And what do die-hard aficionados do? They get obsessed. From the horse’s mouth, the inventor of the e-cig phrased it perfectly: “When automotive manufacturers first started out, they were not thinking about a sport to be called Formula One. You always have group of people who are looking for excitement”.

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  • What are Nic Salts?

    More and more vapers have been taking up the use of nic salt or nicotine salt over recent years. Nic salt is a form of processed nicotine that is used in e-liquid. A large number of vapers say they find that nic salts deliver a more satisfying experience, saying e-liquid with nicotine salt is easier to inhale thanks to its bio-compatibility. Users have cited throat hits of reduced harshness and are able to use more powerful liquids, taking in more nicotine for each vape. Many users of lower-powered devices have started to embrace nic salts.

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  • Travelling With Vape Kits And Liquids

    Trust Us, Smooth Sailing Is In Your Interest Think of something you own, love and take wherever you go. For many of us, that’s a smartphone. It’s either in our hand, next to us, or charging by our beds. Vapers who’ve already realised bedside charging is the best excuse ever to “vape as you wake” will know that where they go, so does their vape kit.

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  • Myths Debunked- Will My Vape Kit Explode?

    Explosions tend to make headlines. When it’s a terrorism-geared bomb, the reaction is generally one of sadness. When it’s the accidental exploding of an electronic device, we’re either scared or curious (or both). Electronics and explosions took a nice walk down media lane in 2016, when electronics giant, Samsung had to recall 2.5 million of their Galaxy Note 7 phones. While the device boasted lots of shiny features, consumers were unimpressed to find exploding as a phone’s way of announcing it’s fully charged.

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  • What is a Squonk Mod?

    If you’ve been wondering what a squonk mod is, you’re not alone. Many vapers have encountered the term ‘squonking’ but remain unaware what it actually refers to or how it could enhance their vaping experience.

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  • 2018 Vape Trends - The Low Down

    If you thought 2017 was a big year for vaping, think again. From innovative products hitting shelves to shifts in global attitudes and cutting-edge research, 2018 is likely to make waves, and we're only just getting started.

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  • What are Short Fill E-Liquids?

    Short Fill e-liquids are juices with 0mg nicotine. They are supplied in bottles that are short filled with liquid, leaving enough space for you to add a nicotine shot and boost the nicotine up to your desirable level. A growing number of vapers are investing in short-fill e-liquids in order to avoid frequently purchasing 10ml e-liquid bottles, with the solution offering obvious benefits to heavy users in particular. You can use nicotine shots to produce generous capacities of juice.

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  • Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking?

    If you haven't opened a newspaper or social media page recently, newsflash. Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking? has been one of the hottest topics hitting headlines, and if you're a vaper, chances are you've already been approached in the street with that very question.

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