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  • Make The Switch- It’s Time To Give Up Smoking

    Why Give Up Smoking? Hint. The cigarette pack warnings aren’t there because the tobacco industry “couldn’t think of anything to say”. This one is kind of ironic. Most of us choose to buy stuff because of what’s on the packet. Sugar free? Low fat? Fast-charging? 

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  • The Complete Sub-Ohm Vaping Guide

    Sub-Ohm: Fancy Wording For Faster, Stronger And More Powerful You know when you watch a TV ad for a tablet and feel totally reassured with the Pentium II Chip Processor, but literally have no idea what it does? If you gave up physics before GCSE, you might be feeling the same reaction when it comes to Sub-Ohm vaping. Turns out, we’re a friendly bunch, so here’s the low-down on what Sub-Ohm vaping is, how to do it, why to do it, and more.

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  • SMOK- Profiling The Beast Of A Brand

    You know a brand is a big deal when people are ending their sentences: “Yeah, but it’s not a SMOK”.  This vaping giant is so respected, we figured not doing a profile on them would be insulting. We’re covering the brand, the products, plus some epic innovative AI tech (it’s SMOK- we wouldn’t expect anything else).

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  • Top Pod Kits - Finding Your Favourite

    2017 predictions were right. Pod Mods are the biggest thing to hit vaping in 2018. If you thought the industry was trying to piggyback off podcasts and the iPod, think again. Sure, it started out with one goal: taking something that’s 95% safer than smoking and replacing it with a smarter, cheaper, and let’s face it, way cooler alternative. Then it realised that vapers want more. Of everything.

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  • Top E-Liquid Flavours This Summer

    It’s finally here- well, just around the corner. Fresh-cut grass, lazy lounging and the strawberries and cream you’ve waited eight months for are nearly here. Pub gardens are just about dusting off the picnic benches, and the smell of summer is in the air. Sun, sea and sangria usually require a fair bit of hassle. Trawling comparison websites for cheap flights and elbowing your way through the crowds for the last bottle of sun-cream doesn’t exactly say “relaxing”. You also probably have to wait until after work for the Hawaiian punch. Welcome to summer, vaping style.

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  • Putting Together Your Perfect Vape Kit: The Lowdown

    You might think finding your perfect vape is tougher than picking a smartphone. We’ve got news for you. It’s not. While smartphones tie you down and are the easiest way to get mugged in the street, vaping literally has “I Will Survive” as its slogan. Endless customisations and personalisations happened virtually overnight, and every single vaper out there is grateful as a result.

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  • Vaping Etiquette - Getting It Right

    The UK may be the cloudiest place on earth, but with 2.9 million Brits now vaping, we’re seeing different kinds of clouds. Huddled in bus shelters and congregating outside pubs, more and more of us are going about our day vape-in-hand, but let’s not forget we’re still British. Alongside tea and cucumber sandwiches, that means we’re ruled by the greatest law of all: etiquette.

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  • #Vapril (#AboutTime)

    We’re getting a hashtag? WE’RE GETTING A HASHTAG!!! #Vapril- If 1.5 Million Smokers Can Quit Through Vaping, You Can Too Unless you live under a literal rock, you’ll already be familiar with hashtag months. We’ve got #Movember, #Veganuary has come and gone, plus there’s the annual #Stoptober (which every smoker is aware of, and most straight-up dread).

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  • Are Box Mods Better Than Vape Pens?

    You know what comes in one variety but offers endless options? Cigarettes. They’re mostly the same size, filled with the same stuff and you can only use them one way. But hey! You can choose from lung, throat, mouth, oesophagus, kidney, bladder, and an all-you-can-eat buffet of cancers. A buffet isn’t really a meal without some good starters, sides, and desserts, though. So whack on blindness, deafness, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, bronchitis, miscarriage, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and more.

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  • Health Benefits of CBD Liquids

    Anyone else have more trouble keeping up with the latest health trends than they do with the Kardashians? On Monday, meat prevents cancer. On Tuesday, it causes it. As we stack our shopping trolleys with slow-release oats, nutrient-rich fruits and whatever spirulina is, it’s official. Health is the biggest thing happening right now.

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