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2018 Vaping Round-Up

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Posted at 5:00 • 05 Dec • News

Juuling, Podding Along, Nic Salts (And Great News From Us)

Honestly, we feel sorry for Tropicana. How badly “e juice” has messed up their online searches, we’re not sure. Either way, we’ve got to admit, 2018 is shaping up to be a pretty amazing year. Over 3 million Brits are now vaping, Big Tobacco is still freaking out.

Early this year, we predicted 2018’s vape trends.

Stuff we got right:

  • Pod kits would be huge (and they are)

  • Vaping would go from “weird cloud in the street” to full-blown subculture

  • Smoking rates would continue to plummet

  • Awareness and campaigns would shoot up (and the NHS would join in)

  • Devices would up their game (and e-liquids would continue to explode)


Stuff we just couldn’t have predicted:

  • Quite how bonkers Donald Trump is (and how the FDA would start USA threats)

  • Quite how many people would walk into our stores and ask for a JUUL

  • Nic salts becoming an actual phrase

  • CBD oil getting eyed up as much as it is

  • Who we would hire to staff Vape Superstore’s seventh store

  • Short Fill success- seriously, Big Tobacco, pick a less-innovative industry to mess with



We’re secretly glad we already dished out picking the best pod kits. Saves us doing it now (someone’s got to handle the Juuling queries and online chat, right?). With 2018 being the official Year of Pod though, we know that you’re still curious.

“Pod kits are 2018’s biggest performer. A powerful vape that fits in the palm of your hand, USB-charges on a laptop and is #FussFree? Pod kits aren’t just a godsend for quitting smokers. They’re the Christmas stocking filler for every vaper on-the-go.”

Heavy duty box mods are still loved for their best-like performance and endless customisations, but not everyone can be a full-time vape enthusiast. If you’ve got a job, a commute, a local pub or an umbrella to hold in one hand, you want something portable. All-in-one, disposable pod kits with “click in and go” are the easiest deal. The biggest draw? That so many of them accommodate nicotine salts.

Our best-sellers are still the Suorin Drop, SMPO Pod Kit, Aspire Gusto Mini, and of course, the pod kit vape pen sensation, JUUL (available in all our stores).


Because it’s so beautifully simple, a few words are all we need. JUUL is the global vaping sensation that crams state-of-the-art tech into something that looks like a thumb drive. Nicotine salts in 20mg strength turn a pod kit-style vape pen into the DHL Express of nicotine delivery- one of those JUUL pods contains as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. It absorbs at the approximate speed of a cigarette, the flavours are the bomb and the experience is straight-up amazing.


In a nutshell, nicotine salts are the “other” form of nicotine. Traditional e-liquids use freebase nicotine (which builds up in your system). Nic salts give you the rush straight away. Their chemical structure also results in a much smoother vape, less harshness, a longer shelf life and thanks to you- them flying off shelves. For everything you need to know on nic salts, click here.


Remember when vaping offered you one rubbish cigalike (that fell out your hand) and the almighty choice of about 3 flavours? We just about can. 2018 didn’t just mark the arrival of the 4th generation of e-cigs. It marked something way more important. Curiosity.

“TPD Laws jerk vapers around? We see your clown attempt and we raise you precisely one Short Fill. #Checkmate”

After 2017 TPD Laws left every single vaper grumbling about fiddly 10ml bottles and rising prices, the execs at Big Tobacco likely went home and thought: “Job well done.” More like job half done. 100ml e-liquid bottles took all that lobbying and squashed it. Since TPD laws only apply to e-liquids with nicotine, Short Fills (often 60ml bottles filled to 50ml) give you more juice at less cost. You throw in a nic shot, shake it up and you’re good to go. Short Fills can also be used with nic salt booster shots.

Short Fill faves of 2018 include Dinner Lady Lemon Tart, everything from Electric Dew and so much love for our in-house VS Dragon Fruit Punch, Lemon Cheesecake and Cold Pineapple Watermelon.


It’s like the whole country has its eye on wellness. Greasy Spoons are dishing up gluten-free toast. Hellman’s is launching vegan mayo. Eating well is a good start, but some conditions aren’t fixed by switching to low-fat. CBD oil is the cannabidiol taken straight from the cannabis plant. While it doesn’t contain the THC component that gets you high, it gains a lot of points for how much goodness it can bring.

Traditionally, CBD oil is something that you drop under your tongue. Messy. Needs Googling. Definitely fiddly while vaping. Not surprisingly, one of the fastest-rising new vape products is this alternative healing oil in vape form.


Our old website sold you hardware, e-liquids and whatever accessories you needed. Big whoop. Our 2018-launched new website doesn’t “sell to people”. It gets to know you and your needs via interactive features and guides- it isn’t vaping unless it’s tailored. We also wanted to find a way to thank our loyal customers (yes, you). With rewards points and the Vape Club, you save more, earn as you shop and all the other cool things we just had to put into words. We’re also still super-stoked about celebrating our seventh VS bricks and mortar store.


Movember may just be over, but Veganuary is around the corner. Stoptober is the 2012-launched vaping equivalent. Public Health England and the NHS back it, you’ve been absolute champs in joining in and in 2018, #Vapril launched. This vaping awareness month got Dr. Christian Jessen as its face, you as the boots on the ground and we can’t wait for next year’s one.

“We might be an online vape store with 7 high street stores, but we do a lot behind the scenes. Like partnering up with Smoke-Free Hackney.”


You’d need to be living under a rock not to know that 2018 saw the USA damn near lose its mind (in more ways than one). The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is “cracking down” on what many vapers suspect is the TPD-equivalent of Big Tobacco’s lobbying over in the UK. The target they chose? Flavours. Apparently, candy flavours appeal to kids. The regular who pops into our Goodge Street branch for IVG Bubblegum Millions is 40. His kids have zero interest in vaping (and with our stringent 18+ policy, they wouldn’t get it from us if they tried).

The US may well see bans on candy or menthol-flavoured e-liquids. Meanwhile, in the UK, committees are lifting bans on health claims in e-cig ads. Basically, the industry can finally advertise something that’s got a health benefit and say so.


What do we do, sit there, rub the genie lamp and see what it predicts? Oh no, wait. The Smok I-Priv and iJoy Avenger already have the AI to be woken by voice command. JUUL is launching bluetooth features.

It’s hard to predict what’s in store for 2019, but here’s our best guess:

  • CBD vape will boom: Bubble baths are a hassle to set up and you always end up getting cold. They’re also only really relaxing on glamorous TV shows. Vapers are already trying out CBD oil and we get asked a lot about it.

  • Brexit might affect TPD: In a good way. The TPD laws affect the EU. Quite where we’ll be if we ever leave it is left to be seen, but technically, that gives vaping a giant loophole.

  • Awareness and positivity: With Stoptober and #Vapril having been such a success (and those advertising laws that allow health claims permitted), we’re likely in for a lot of good. More smokers looking to make the switch will have NHS-backed sources to turn to. MPs want vaping in offices and buses allowed. Advertising might sound “evil”, but when it’s for something that gets people off the fags, you’ve got to admit, it isn’t all bad.

If you think our choice of e-liquids and mods is huge now, wait til’ 2019. More flavours, more nic salts, more Short Fills and cracking new gear are in the works. Basically, we can’t wait.

For anything else or to try out new mods or e-liquids, pop into any of our seven stores or get in touch. For exclusive offers, promos and savings, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  

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