Putting Together Your Perfect Vape Kit: The Lowdown

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You might think finding your perfect vape is tougher than picking a smartphone. We've got news for you. It's not. While smartphones tie you down and are the easiest way to get mugged in the street, vaping literally has "I Will Survive" as its slogan. Endless customisations and personalisations happened virtually overnight, and every single vaper out there is grateful as a result.

In this blog post, we'll cover why you should try vaping, how to get started, and of course, how to find your perfect vape kit (tanks, mods, coils, and all).

Should I Give Vaping A Go? (Yes)

Vaping started out with one simple goal. Take the world's biggest preventable cause of death and replace it with something that is 95% safer than smoking and now officially endorsed by the NHS.

Alongside a 33.3% increased chance of dying younger, here are the things SMOKING can offer you:

  • A whole lot of cancer - seriously, you can take your pick here (although the cancer kind of chooses you). Lung cancer is the most common result of smoking. Itâ's not the only one, though. Mouth, tongue, voice box, bladder, kidney, colon, uterus, and leukaemia blood cancer are all up for grabs.
  • Pretty much every other disease out there - Over 40 years of research has proved that smoking is directly linked to debilitating conditions including blindness, hearing loss, miscarriage and infertility, erectile dysfunction, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). The last one is particularly nasty-you're literally gasping to breathe. It was enough to make supermodel, Christy Turlington quit.
  • Facing being broke - Smokers conveniently turn a blind eye to the cost, but it's burning holes in their pockets, and for what? If you're sitting there denying the £10 you're forking out for a pack, the NHS Smoking Calculator can tell you how much you're spending. The average habit costs each Brit a whopping £3000 a year.
  • Being a social outcast -If you've noticed that popping outside pubs or restaurants to smoke has become a lonely affair, it's because no-one's doing it anymore. Maybe they all died, or maybe they just woke up and realised that vaping is the easiest way to quit. If you're surrounded by anything out there, it's vapers and their yummy apple crumble, blueberry double cream, tobacco, or fruity berry flavours.

Here's what VAPING can offer you:

  • The closest thing to smoking that's safe -With only three ingredients (rising to four with nicotine, which, by the way, doesn't cause cancer), vaping mimics smoking without the dangers. Nothing in it is shown to cause cancer, and the inhaling and exhaling of vapour really feels like you're smoking. For more, read Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking?
  • Saving a lot of cash - Vaping isn't just safer than smoking. It's way cheaper. How much you spend is up to you as prices vary between mods and e-liquids, but you can be walking away with a kit for as little as £10- plus we'll throw in free juice.
  • Kissing goodbye to the hacking cough - If you're sitting there and know deep down that the early warning signs of smoking dangers are there, it's time to pull your head out the sand. The hacking cough or wheezing is what shows after years of evil damage to your DNA, and that's the invisible part. Smoking-related tumours and cancers manifest once it's too late, and you're basically screwed. Vaping doesn't have room for disease.
  • A world of choice and flavours - We literally don't know where to start here. Whether you want beastly clouds with the SMOK Alien or a super-sleek and discreet vape pen, that's only the half of it. A boss Attitude, some Suicide Bunny fun, or a throwback to school with Dinner Lady can offer every possible flavour imaginable, and we've got one of the biggest ranges available.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio and the rest are doing it - What, you thought something as cool as vaping would get past the celeb world? Everyone from Leonardo DiCaprio to Katy Perry are vaping. Even hardcore smoker, Simon Cowell is at it. I'm sorry, were you going to say someone worth £300 million "makes bad decisions"?

Finding Your Perfect Vape- Unlike Shopping For Trainers, Choice Actually Means Something

Devices (the choice): Every vaper is different- that's why we've got you covered.

  • Starter kits and vape pens are ideal for the transitioning smoker -Starter kits were designed for the smoker who hasn't got a clue what they're doing and wants to keep it simple. Alongside on-the-go-friendly vape pens, they're ideal for making a quick switch without getting into heavy-duty stuff.

    • Intermediate/advanced kits for when you're a bit more clued-up - Advanced kits will give you a better flavour and cloud experience, and they're still relatively easy to use. These can be taken up from day one, but they're generally preferred by vapers who've been at it a while.
    • All-in-one Pod Mods for convenience - If hassle is your pet hate, then you want a Pod Mod. All-in-one and with refillable or pre-filled cartridges, Pod Mods are the biggest thing for 2018.
    • Women's kits for the style-conscious - Ok, they're not Versace, but you can still put style first with women's kits, which are incredibly popular. To be fair though, you'll already be knocking the competition out the water with the Eleaf Icare Solo.
    • Value kits for penny pinchers - Value kits give you great quality, battery life and a fantastic experience for a low price. They're incredibly popular with ex-smokers and they start at just £10.

    Personalising, Bit By Bit

    Tanks -Despite TPD laws limiting tank size to 2ml in 2017, there's still a huge variety. Tanks connect the battery to the actual device. Since they're also what's holding your juice, they're pretty important. You can choose from a disposable tank or a rebuildable one.

    Disposable tanks - Great performance, lower cost, but a shorter lifespan. In a nutshell, great for beginners, but if you're in it for the long term, you might want to consider a rebuildable tank.

    Rebuildable tanks (RBAs) -Excellent performance and a hands-on approach makes rebuildable tanks a winner for being long-lasting. You might also want to consider whether you want glass or polycarbonate/plastic/acrylic tanks. Glass tends to win on performance and aesthetics, but they can smash easily. In terms of experience, you're looking at a Mouth-To-Lung experience or a Sub-Ohm tank.

    Mods -You're literally spoiled for choice, here. While super-advanced mech mods require a solid knowledge of physics, you can still have a pro experience choosing from our 75 box mods. All come with full safety features like circuit board and battery protection.

    Box mods - Bulkier, but unbeatable when it comes to clouds and flavour. These are solidly built, offer variable voltage and wattage and a truly personalised experience. If you still can't figure out whether you're cloud chaser or a flavour chaser, read this

    Mini box mods - These are the ideal middle ground between vape pens and a giant box mod. They still give a whopping load of power, but they're small and easy to carry around. The Eleaf iStick Power Nano Kit is a fabulous little number.

    Vape pens -If stealth is your game and blowing fine wisps outside the office is up your street, grab yourself a vape pen. The Kanger Top Evod wasn't named "top" for nothing.

    Squonk mods -Funny word, but seriously neat stuff. Squonk mods store the juice inside the mod for a bit of a squish-to-vape experience. They're fun and give a great experience. The GeekVape Squonk mod is giving the others a run for their money.

    Batteries - Kind of important, since these power the device. Vape pens come with 
    micro-USB charging cables as standard. You can also find these in box mods, but it's highly recommended you use an external charging bay for these. They'll last longer and charge faster. Some devices use a non-replaceable internal battery, but most offer replaceable and rechargeable high-drain batteries.

    Always make sure you're using the right batteries for your device. For battery safety, read this.

      • If you're using external batteries, they'll most likely either be 18650 (this includes vape pens). A few mods use 26650 batteries

    • Coils -
      We could write a book on coils. While die-hard enthusiasts build their own, other mods come prepped and ready with coils in place. Coils are small pieces of resistance wire formed into a spring-shaped coil. The type, diameter and number of wraps all affect the resistance- that determines the amount of necessary electricity and heat produced.

    We've got over 150 coils to choose from. If you haven't got a clue which is right for your device, you'll usually find a recommendation with the mod. It's best to speak to someone, though. For advice, ask in store or give us a shout- contact details at the end.

    Remember coils don't last forever- the biggest giveaway that your coils need changing is a distinct burnt taste when taking a hit. Time to change the coils. Coils soak juice into the cotton they come with, so always allow time to "prime", i.e. letting the juice soak in. This can be done in about 15 minutes, but for the ultimate flavour, leave them to prime overnight.

    There's always more: alongside atomisers and a ton of accessories to keep your vape in great shape, we've got the whole deal. Of course, we wouldn't be a Vape Superstore without a giant sale, so browse around for a bargain. Remember, you get reward points with every purchase (just our way of saying thanks).For more about vaping, or if you have any questions, get in touch or pop in to one of our stores. For everything from holistic CBD liquids to travelling with vapes, check out our other blog posts. Thanks for reading and happy vaping!

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