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RELX Essential Pod System Review

Posted by Vape Superstore on

While we love all the well known brands on the vaping market as well as all the unique products they offer, we also aim to bring new brands to our shelves to give you the best range possible. Today we’re taking a look at a new one to Vape Superstore - the Relx Essential Pod kit.While we love all the well known brands on the vaping market as well as all the unique products they offer, we also aim to bring new brands to our shelves to give you the best range possible. Today we’re taking a look at a new one to Vape Superstore - the Relx Essential Pod kit.

Who are Relx?

Relx were established back in 2017, with their main priorities being top quality and safety when they created their pod kits. Focussing exclusively on the newer entrants to the world of vaping, they wanted to set themselves apart and do away with all the minor irritations of earlier vape design. Flavour, consistent performance, ease of use and a satisfying experience were all key.

Product Specs

The kit we’re looking at today is the Relx Essential pod kit. It’s a closed pod system, meaning there’s no need for coils or fiddling around with e-liquid bottles. The pre-filled pods hold 2ml of 18mg nic salt e-liquid and contain a ceramic 1.2ohm coil designed to optimise flavour and give consistent performance right through til the very last puff. When your pod runs out, you simply pull the old one out and slip a new one into place. Held in with secure magnets the fit is nice and snug meaning the battery connects to the pod perfectly.

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As far as flavours go, Relx haven’t stuck to the typical flavours you see in most pod kits. There are still the classic tobacco option, but they’ve also created a few more complex flavour profiles too. With so many fruit and dessert fans these days, they’ve added a few flavours into those categories too.

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The Essential Device itself is super compact and constructed from aluminium alloy to make it lightweight and hardy. It’s powered by a 350mAh rechargeable battery which will last most vapers all day given its projected 500 puffs per charge. When you run low on battery, just plug it in and it’ll be back up to full power in about 40 minutes. There are no buttons to speak of either, to vape you just inhale on the mouth piece.

How is it different to the other pods on the market?

With such a strong focus on pod mods and nic salts, pod vaping has come a long way the last year or two. However, the developments here have mainly been for more intermediate vapers - those who want variable coil options and open pod systems. Super new vapers looking for a simple solution haven’t had as many fresh options, Relx has created a kit that can finally change that.

Entry level kits are typically good at delivering a solid nicotine hit for those transitioning smokers who need a higher level e-liquid, but flavour was often lacking. That and the flavours were typically limited to things like tobacco, menthol and a berry option. With more and more people picking up fruit, candy and desserts over the classic single note menthol and tobacco options just aren’t cutting it anymore.

The Relx kit offers closed pods that make vaping a breeze and with manual draw activation it creates a comparable experience to the cigarettes that smokers are trying to leave behind. A broad range of flavours in a high nicotine solution are great as is, but the coil technology and leak proof design makes it even better. Vaping needs to be as easy, clean and fuss free as possible. Creating an option that doesn’t require coil changes, refilled pods or buttons means making the switch is that much more accessible.

How does the Relx Essential vape?

Pulling it out of the box, it really is an intuitive to use kit. We charged it up to full battery and tried the Mint pod. It’s a smooth, fresh inhale that would satisfy even the most picky of menthol ex-smokers. The coil takes very little time to break in and has a pretty punchy level of both flavour and vapour, especially considering the 1.2ohm coil. It’s definitely a mouth to lung style inhale, offering a tight draw and the fact there are no buttons is great too.

The Relx pod kit is incredibly consistent and surprisingly flavourful for such a compact pod mod. The ceramic coil gives crisp taste even with the more complex flavour profiles like Fruit Tea and Tropical Fruit. You start to notice a drop in vapour and flavour as the battery drains but after a quick 30 to 40 minute recharge at most it was back to peak performance. When changing the pods, there was no residue on them meaning your hands are clean and there’s no sticky pockets in sight.

Who we recommend the Relx Essential to

First and foremost, this one is an ideal kit if you’re just trying to make the switch to vaping, particularly if you’ve tried it before and found it too fussy or had problems with leaky pods. The 18mg nic salt strength offers a satisfying and near instant nicotine hit with all the flavour and vapour you’d hope for to boot. Battery life is good and the pods offer the maximum size within TPD regulations giving you a decent amount of use before you need to pop in a fresh one. The coils were still working great even down to the last drop of e-liquid in the pod and the flavour range itself is impressive too.

Aside from the newer entrants to the world of vaping, if you still love a mouth to lung kit and want something small for nights out, this could be for you. Not needing to carry e-liquid bottles is always a bonus and this one will last you all evening without breaking a sweat. All up, the Relx Essential pod kit does all you’d hope for a starter kit and then some for an incredibly affordable price. contains general information about vaping and vapour products. The information provided is not medical advice, and should not be relied upon unless explicity cited. We do not make any warranties surrounding the health benefits, reliability and accuracy of written copy across all pages on our website, including blog content and content posted on social media.

Medical Information Disclaimer

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