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Staff Picks Round Two: What We’re Vaping at VS HQ

Posted by Ed Swain on

If you tuned into the blog last month, you’ll have seen our firststaff picks post - as well as a few friendly faces from Vape Superstore’s head office. We’re back this month with three new recommendations for kits as well as the juices our staff are using with them. We’re an experienced bunch and know our stuff when it comes to vaping. So, if you’re on the market for a new kit, you know we’ve vetted these thoroughly ourselves. These are the kits we love (and think you will too).


Mikey is our Social Media Manager - as you might have guessed, he updates and maintains all our social media pages. He’s been with VS since 2016 and used to work in the shops, so if he looks familiar, you might have bought a kit off him in the past. Back in 2017, he moved into the office. He has a colourful history with vaping, picking up his first kit around four years ago. His original kit was an eGo pen but over time he moved through a whole lot of kits and earned himself the name Mech Mod Mike. These days, he’s less about the mech mods and big clouds and more about the low maintenance kits and nic salts.


Mikey’s current kit of choice is the Aspire AVP, a uniquely shaped kit capable of both direct to lung and mouth to lung vaping. There are no buttons to speak of and to use the AVP, you just inhale to vape. You can also change the wattage output depending on how warm and cloudy you like your vape to be. On the side of the battery, there’s a little LED which changes colour according to your wattage mode to make things even easier. The pods hold 2ml of e-liquid each and just slot into place with magnets, their Nichrome coils also give them great flavour. On that note, Mikey changes his e-liquid up quite a lot, so often keeps a couple of pods on the go and swaps them out when he wants to switch flavour.

Sold out


The current flavour of the month for Mikey is from the I VG 50:50 range for a bit more of a throat hit, great flavour and a moderate nicotine level. He has a sweet tooth and likes the fruity and candy vapes, at the moment he’s got Blueberry Crush in his pod. Soft notes of ripe blueberry, a sweet note of candy and a sprig of mint makes this one a perfect option to vape during a heat wave too.

Blueberry Crush E-Liquid by IVG
Sold out


Theo is our graphic designer, he’s the one who takes all our product photos, edits them all and makes sure everything looks pretty on the website. Originally from France, Theo has been with us for two years now and has been vaping for around the same amount of time. He actually bought his first kit off our Social Media Manager, Mikey, back when he was still working in the VS stores. Theo’s first kit was a Pico from the Eleaf range, since then he’s gone through a whole lot of kits to find just the right one. While he still loves a Sub Ohm box mod, his usual go-to is the SMOK Nord kit.


The Nord is a compact little option for when you’re out for the day (or night) which makes it a more convenient kit to take out than his big box mod. All of us in the office are used to puffing away throughout the day (Theo is no different) and the 1100mAh battery in the Nord means it’ll last even over extended vaping sessions.

The other nice thing about this kit is, whilst it is a pod system, the coils are replaceable. It has the convenience of a 2ml pod, meaning you can fill it with whatever e-liquid you like, but you don’t need to replace the whole pod when the coil wears out. It’s a lower waste option and also gives you more resistance options. Depending on what he’s in the mood for, you can pick between the restricted direct to lung coil with a 0.6ohm resistance or a 1.4ohm option for mouth to lung vaping. Another benefit of this: you can choose just about any kind of vape juice you want. The 0.6ohm is great for regular 50:50 liquids and the 1.4ohm is ideal for nic salts.

Nord Pod Kit by SMOK - Red
Sold out


Theo’s current e-liquid of choice is the Bubble Gum nic salt from Dinner Lady. Most of us try a different juice every week or so but Theo loves the sweet and slightly fruity notes of bubblegum. The one from Dinner Lady is sweet, gives an almost non-existent throat hit and comes in a 20mg strength.

Bubble Gum Nic Salt E-Liquid by Dinner Lady
Sold out


Ed is our Managing Director and was one of the guys who established Vape Superstore. As you might have guessed from that - he’s the man in charge and has been with VS since day one. He’s been vaping since 2014 and his first kit was a Kanger Sub Box. Ed now prefers a pod kit over anything big and chunky, he’s all about the stealth vapes that can fit in his pocket. He loves a low maintenance kit with nic salts for a quick nicotine hit (without the harsh throat hit).


This kit is the one a few people in the VS office used to quit smoking and it’s a favourite for good reason. It’s been around for a few years but it’s still one of the kits Ed reaches for frequently for its convenience factor, NS20 pods and long lasting battery. The internal battery has 900mAh of power meaning it lasts a good long while before you need to recharge. It’s super simple to set-up and use, just 5 clicks to switch it on and long-hold the same button to fire the battery. The pods each contain 2ml of e-liquid and are single use, so there’s no need to carry around extra bottle of liquid. Just remove the silicon bung at the bottom of the pod, give it a shake and let it settle for 10 minutes to saturate the coil. Click it into place and you’re ready to go - making it the perfect option for busy people.

Tigon Vape Kit by Aspire - Blue
Sold out


The NS20 pods come in a huge range of flavours from some of the most well known e-liquid brands - including Element, Aspire and Vampire Vape. Just like any nic salt, they’re a smooth inhale with plenty of flavour and a higher nicotine level than you’d get in a freebase e-liquid pod. The pod currently in Ed’s Gusto is Pink Lemonade from Element. Zesty and fresh, it’s a peppy and fizzy option that balances citrus and sweet.

NS20 Element Pink Lemonade E-Liquid Pods 3PK
Sold out

Have you tried any of the kits or liquids in our list for this month? Let us know what you think in the comments. contains general information about vaping and vapour products. The information provided is not medical advice, and should not be relied upon unless explicity cited. We do not make any warranties surrounding the health benefits, reliability and accuracy of written copy across all pages on our website, including blog content and content posted on social media.

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