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Stoptober 2018

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Do It This Year And Save Your Life

Don’t tell us that awareness months don’t work. In 2014, we woke up to Veganuary. Just last month, Hellman’s announced the launch of vegan mayonnaise. There’s a difference, though. Provided you don’t 100% live off Mr.Kipling and lard, becoming vegan isn’t something that will save your life. “Not being vegan” isn’t a killer. Being a smoker is.

“Enough is enough.” Smoking is mankind’s biggest killer. Join the people giving Big Tobacco the middle finger.

What Is Stoptober And When Did It Start?

Stoptober is the NHS-backed, 28-day campaign to get Brits to quit smoking. Public Health England runs it. Much like the name would suggest, it’s a health deal, for the public... who live in England. In 2012, the first Stoptober campaign celebrated 350,000 attempted quits. As the years passed and the campaigns got bigger, we saw celebrity faces like Ian Wright and Eastenders’ Big Mo back the campaign. “I was worried I was going to die”. Big Mo might be the biggest badass on TV, but Big Mo vs. Big Tobacco was this OAP staring down the barrel of a gun.

Stoptober has been growing with every passing year. By 2017, the campaign had Facebook chat features, a ground-breaking e-cig in the official ad and 1 million quit attempts to date. Stoptober is back for 2018 and it’s bigger than ever.

Why Stoptober Is In Your Interest (And Ignoring It Isn’t)

“It happens to other people”. Very true- until it happens to you. Cancer wards up and down the UK are filled with lifelong smokers. Until a relative or friend has us visiting, we do a pretty good job of ignoring the whole thing. The tubes. The breathing masks. The sheer, unimaginable pain that cancer brings.

“He was in his final weeks. The cancer had spread to his bones. He would go into the basement at night to scream just so his family wouldn’t hear him”.

We have no words for that. When we asked a Professor of Urology to give us a quote on smoke-related cancers, we didn’t expect this. His patient was a 64 year-old smoker with incurable kidney cancer. With a limited amount of morphine for the pain, this guy would find the only place he could to scream in peace. He didn’t make it to 65.

  • Smoking is the biggest preventable cause of death in the UK. It accounts for 100,000 deaths a year. If you’re a candidate for stats like these, mindlessly scrolling through them is the fastest way to become one.
  • 1 in 2 smokers die from their habit. If you’re in a family where the smokers are you and another person, just bear that in mind. Two of you smoking on that sofa. One of them will die from it.
  • Cancer isn’t the only illness that’s a direct result of smoking. Alongside the 90% of lung cancers, smoking is directly responsible for blindness, deafness, heart attacks and strokes.

Stoptober asks smokers for just 28 days. To make sure that this never happens to them.

How Stoptober Works (And How It’s Different This Year)

  • Stoptober is based on the insight that if you can stop smoking for 28 days, you’re 5 times more likely to quit for good.
  • The 28-day “give it a go” makes a daunting task more manageable. Everyone starts on the same day. They go through it together, they whinge together and these days, they vape together (no whinging there).
  • The campaign encourages everyone to use the range of free resources and support available.
  • In 2018, the campaign is tied into the wider One You programme- this is the PHE programme helping adults across the UK make small lifestyle changes for a big impact on their future health.
  • The 2018 support now includes a free, downloadable app, local stop smoking services, online support and recommendations for which quitting method is best for you.

Stoptober 2018- The Details

Stoptober 2018 gets straight to business.

You don’t find the website. We find it for you. The minute you click it, the website will suss you out. It’ll ask you whether you smoke your first cigarette within 5 minutes, 6-30 minutes or more than 30 minutes. With questions like how many cigarettes you smoke a day and which quitting methods you have (or haven’t tried) in the past, it’ll get to know you as an individual. In three clicks, you get your free, 3-step Stoptober plan.

It’s packed with links to:

  • Free expert support and advice including the face-to-face support that has helped 9 in 10 smokers.
  • Your local Stop Smoking Service (we’ve partnered up with SmokeFree Hackney)
  • The free app which tracks your progress and savings, plus rewards you with badges. The app offers a ton of ongoing motivation. 
  • Daily email and live Facebook chat support. Click here for the Facebook page.
  • Recommendations for smoking cessation tools, from patches and gum to e-cigs.

It also asks something pretty interesting. Of the 6 “what have you tried to quit” options, e-cigarettes/vapes are the second one listed. In 2017, Stoptober made global headlines by featuring an e-cig in its TV advert. Ok, so it was an old man vaping in an allotment. Disruptive hoodies and whatever hashtag is fitting for DVTCH Space Cake weren’t the point. The last chance to step away from the cancer was. With the recent statistic showing 37% of vapers quitting within 90 days, the ad had a point.

Vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking. Health bodies even want e-cigs available in hospital shops.

I’m Interested- What Quitting Aids Are Available For Free?

Plenty. And they won’t cost you the estimated £3000 a year that a 20-a-day habit costs. You can calculate what those ciggies are costing you here.

The NHS lists what’s available in terms of stopping smoking. It’s pretty detailed, so here is a quick summary of the 9 different options available.

  • Prescription tablets: Champix and Zyban are the two drugs offered for quitting smokers. These are medications that work by reducing cravings and blocking the rewarding and reinforcement effects of smoking. Both are available on prescription only. Be aware that they can result in minor side effects e.g. drowsiness or headaches. Ask your GP if you’re considering these.
  • Nicotine gum, patches, lozenges and others: These are over-the-counter or prescription NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) that are available at pharmacies, supermarkets, NHS Stop Smoking Services or your GP. The most common choices are gum or skin patches, with other smokers choosing inhalators, tablets, lozenges, or nasal or mouth sprays. Patches release nicotine slowly, sprays offer a boost. You get the picture.

  • Vaping: The “Big V” And How VapeSuperstore Can Help You

    September 2018 marked the moment that UK vapers topped 3 million. The NHS’ summary of e-cigs officially endorses vaping as a smoking cessation method. The thousands of vapers who have thanked us for helping them make the switch? They speak for themselves.

    “I popped into the Dalston branch with zero clue. VapeSuperstore sat down with me for 35 minutes. They took me through everything, from which device was best for me to the e-liquid I would like best”.- Chris, 33, #QuitterButNotBitter

    At VapeSuperstore, we know smokers because most of us used to be one. We know exactly what it’s like to wake up and need a cigarette. “You really should quit”. We’ve been there.

    Quitting is worth it for every possible reason. It’s your chance to walk away from an increased risk of cancer and disease. You’ll save money, discover a whole new world and quite possibly save your life.

    We think that vaping should get a #GetOutOfJailFreeCard. We’re happy with #Stoptober, though. Sign up and really do it this time

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