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Stoptober 2020: Quit Smoking & Lock it Down!

Posted by Vape Superstore on

It’s that time of year again - Stoptober 2020 is here. It definitely hasn’t been your run of the mill year but that’s no reason why you can’t finally kick a habit you’ve been wanting to break. One of the best things you can do for your health is putting down the cigarettes for good, complete with the support of other smokers doing the same thing. If you haven’t heard of it before, Stoptober is a Public Health England initiative that happens every year. It gives you the tools, support and motivation to leave your smoking habit in the past.

The premise is simple, if you can give up smoking for 28 days, you’re five times more likely to quit for good.

ThingS to expect when you quit:

The reality is, your body starts healing itself within a few days of your last cigarette. Cigarettes contain a lot of harmful chemicals which affect every organ in your body - the obvious ones being your lungs and heart.

When you stub out that last cigarette, within just 20 minutes your heart rate will start to normalise again and 48 hours later, your body will have expelled any carbon monoxide too. The first three days are typically the most difficult for people to quit because of these reasons. The cravings peak around the 48 - 72 hour mark, so if you can push through those you’re already doing great.

After that three day mark, your breathing will start to improve. Even the little things like getting to the top of the staircase in your house will be easier. You might also notice a bit of coughing - don’t worry, it’s all for the good. Your body will start to expel debris that’s been sitting in your lungs meaning more space for fresh air to fuel your body.

Once you get towards the end of your 28 day period, your heart will be happier too. Blood will pump more freely - long story short, less stitches and leg cramps and way more energy¹.

Aside from all of that, smoking is expensive. Even if you’re a moderate smoker getting through a 10 pack a day, you still stand to save around £2000 a year by leaving them behind.

What do I need to do before Stoptober starts?

There are a few things to keep in mind (and do) before making a quit attempt. The first of which is letting people you’ve decided to quit. Having the support of friends and family goes a long way - they’ll be your biggest cheerleaders (and understand why you might feel a bit irritable those first few days). They’ll also be able to check in with you - bonus points if you’ve got friends who have already quit smoking themselves. You might also want to download theStoptober app.

You’ll also want to recognise your smoking habits and what triggers your need to smoke. For some people it’s more of a stress thing, others it’s the habit of having a cigarette after a meal or over coffee. Knowing when you’ll feel more inclined to light up will help you prepare (and potentially avoid) your usual triggers.

The next thing we’d really recommend is removing any temptation before October 1st - bin your cigarettes. Trying to minimise the amount of time you spend around smokers can help too.

Finally, if you’re wanting to use a quit aid make sure you’re well stocked before you make your quit attempt. Whether that’s a vape, patches or gum, make sure you have everything you need before Stoptober officially starts. Keeping those cravings at bay for at least the first three days will put you in good stead for a successful quit attempt.

What do I need to do before Stoptober starts?

Back in 2018, PHE (Public Health England) voiced their support of using vaping as a means of quitting smoking. For a lot of us, it isn’t just the nicotine we crave but the tangible feel of holding a cigarette and inhaling smoke we find calming. Vaping offers the same sensation as well as the nicotine hit without all the carbon monoxide, tar and smoke you’d get from cigarettes.

If you’re looking to use vaping to help you quit smoking, you’ll need to know a few things first:

  • Which nicotine strength is best for you. Depending on how much you smoked before, your nicotine level will vary. Generally speaking we recommend nic salts for new vapers, they offer a smooth inhale as well as a rapid nicotine hit when you need it most. We’ve written a wholeguide to nicotine which will give you an idea of which is best suited to you. If you want a more personal recommendation of course you’re more than welcome tocontact us directly too.  
  • You’ll need a kit that will work best for you. Generally we would point new vapers in the direction of vape pens and pod kits. When you’re tackling a quit attempt, you want everything to be as simple as possible. Choosing a pod kit that only requires you to click a pod into place and inhale to vape is about as easy as lighting up used to be.

Which vape kits and e-liquids are best for new vapers?

From the 1st October a range of kit and e-liquid bundles will be going to live to get you started. Some of these are a more introductory level device but we’ve also got a few more intermediate and advanced kits if that sounds more “you”. The starter kits come with either coils or pods as well as your choice of three VS e-liquids. If you want to go for something more advanced, you can pick up a box mod kit with all the paraphernalia and a shortfill from the brand new Slam City range.

Aspire PockeX

The PockeX kit from Aspire has been a firm favourite for years now and for good reason. It’s a simple to use kit that offers satisfying flavour and has a wide range of coil options too. If you’re starting out, we recommend the plus Ohm coils (1.0ohm or more). You can use this one with nic salts for a strong nicotine hit, or regular 50:50 e-liquids. It has a single button for turning the device on and off as well as firing the battery. We’d recommend this one to people with a moderate smoking habit, around the 10 cigarette a day mark to use with a 6mg - 12mg nicotine strength.

Sold out

Vaporesso Xros

If you’d like something super small and suitable for a strong nicotine level (for those of you giving up a heavier smoking habit) the Xros pod kit from Vaporesso is a great option. This one can be used in manual draw mode - meaning no buttons, just inhale to vape. There are two pod options to choose from, to use you just open the bung on the pod, fill it up and click it into place. Super simple and with your choice of three 50:50 VS e-liquids it’ll give a satisfying vape with minimal fuss and maintenance.

Sold out


If you’d like something a little more advanced with some user control, the Pozz X pod from SMOK could be the one for you. This one is designed for a direct to lung inhale and features refillable pods with adjustable airflow so you can refine how loose or tight your draw is. It has plenty of battery power to last you all day as well as adjustable wattage while still being small enough to slip in your pocket for taking on the go.

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Another simple (and super affordable) option from SMOK is the Nord pod kit. It offers the convenience of a pod kit but features replaceable coils that are more simple to change than with a conventional tank. The coils included in the kit give you different options - pick the 0.6ohm for a loose, direct to lung inhale or the 1.2ohm for a tighter draw to use with high strength nic salts and 50:50s. Bonus points with this one: there’s a huge range of colours to choose from too.

Sold out

Vaporesso Orca Solo Plus

Another favourite from Vaporesso is the Orca Solo Plus. Coming with a hefty 1200mAh battery, it’s a slim kit that will still last most vapers all day. It’s suitable for both mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping styles and features three power options too. Depending on your e-liquid choice, you can use it with both nic salts and 50:50s for a stronger nicotine hit and high VG e-liquids for a loose inhale and more cloud.

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If you’d prefer something a little more advanced or have already tried basic vape kits in the past, we’ve got you covered there too. These kits are all suited for a direct to lung inhale to use with low nicotine, high VG e-liquids - giving you plenty of cloud and crisp flavour.

Freemax Maxus 200W

For some serious power, we recommend the Maxus 200W kit. You can use one or two 18650 batteries in this kit - a single one will give you up to 80 watts while two will give a maximum of 200 watts. The real star of the show is the M-Pro 2 tank, housing mesh coils for quick ramp up, huge plumes of vapour and incredibly crisp flavour. It’s wide 810 drip tip and adjustable airflow make this kit a cloudchasers dream.

Sold out

VooPoo Drag 2 Platinum Refresh

A beautiful one from VooPoo, the Drag 2 Platinum Refresh offers a little more power than the original, with a maximum of 177 watts. It’s a super safe kit it to use, with reverse battery protection, over-charge and over-discharge protections as well as a 10 second cutoff. The tank has fully adjustable airflow and comes with two Sub Ohm coils. It’s also compatible with other VooPoo devices too when you remove the 510 pin at the bottom.

Geek Vape Aegis Boost

Technically a pod kit, this one acts more like a box mod. It houses a built-in 1500mAh battery to give you up to 40 watts output, making it a great half-way point between a basic setup and a heavy duty kit. The best part about the Aegis Boost kit is how durable it is, featuring drop-proof, waterproof and dust proof construction, it’s incredibly hard wearing. The pods feature replaceable coils - included is a 0.6ohm - which will give plenty of flavour with your shortfill of choice.

Sold out

If you want some more information onquitting smoking, we have a guide for that, as well one outlining the differences betweenvaping and smoking too. If vaping is the route you want to go down this Stoptober but you’re still stuck on which bundle is right for you, you cancontact us through our website, on live chat or give us a ring.

  1. What happens when you quit? - contains general information about vaping and vapour products. The information provided is not medical advice, and should not be relied upon unless explicity cited. We do not make any warranties surrounding the health benefits, reliability and accuracy of written copy across all pages on our website, including blog content and content posted on social media.

Medical Information Disclaimer

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