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The Latest in the world of Batteries

Need help in finding the right battery for your new vape kit? Read up on the latest news and guides on vape batteries to ensure you make an informed decision when buying your next vape battery.


Common Vape Mistakes

We get a lot of questions through live chat and over the phone regarding little things people have an issue with. The vast majority of the time, they’re quick and easy fixes for minor mistakes. So, we thought we’d round up all the most common ones in a list for everyone to browse.

Choosing The Right Battery For Your Vape

Batteries are important. No battery, no power. Finding the right battery for your device is equally important. Get it wrong and you put a lot at risk. The quality of your experience. The frustration of Googling “why isn’t my vape working?” We're here to clear the confusion.

Myths Debunked - Will My Vape Explode?

While few and far between, exploding vapes have also made headlines. 2017 saw London's Euston station briefly evacuated after an e-cig "exploded". Since then, "exploding vapes" have become a bit of a fear phrase. We're here to explain what happens, debunk the myths, and give you the full low-down.