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The Latest in the world of E-Liquids

Read up on the the latest in the world of e-liquids. We bring you are verdict on the newest vape flavours on the market to our seasonal picks. Here you will find everything you need to know about vape liquids.


What is E-Liquid? Everything You Need To Know

Anyone who is a vaper is sure to be familiar of the term "e-liquid". Yet there are so many different types of an e-liquid, from flavour to how it is bottled. Here we take it back to basics and cover exactly what an e-liquid is and the many varieties available.

Vape Superstars: Vampire Vape

Arguably one of the most iconic brands in the UK, Vampire Vape have been around since just about the dawn of vaping. After a busy year last year, we wanted to see what we could expect next from the team at Vampire Vape. Read the brand interview here.

Vape Superstars: Zeus Juice

Another outstanding UK-based brand, Zeus Juice has gone from strength to strength since their beginnings all the way back in 2011. We caught up with the founder of Zeus Juice; Paul Curtis to find out a little more about this exciting e-liquid brand and what the future has in store for them. Read the interview here.

Best E-Liquids To Buy In 2021

Discover the best flavours of e-liquid to buy in 2021. Our list of the top 10 e-liquids ranges from simple, single note flavours to more exotic and adventurous combinations.

What are Nic Salts?

More and more vapers have been taking up the use of nic salt or nicotine salt over recent years. Nic salt is a form of processed nicotine that is used in e-liquid. A large number of vapers say they find that nic salts deliver a more satisfying experience, saying e-liquid with nicotine salt is easier to inhale thanks to its bio-compatibility.

Looking ahead with the help of VAPRIL 2021

April is upon us which means a new VApril campaign. Now in it's fourth year, VApril is the largest campaign worldwide to help smokers successfully switch to vaping. In what has been a difficult year for us all, there could be no better time to put your health first and make the switch to vaping!

Same Day Delivery For London

If you’re running desperately low on e-liquid or can’t wait to get your hands on the latest kit, we can now offer you same day delivery for London addresses zones 1 - 3. Order it today, get it today. All of our same day deliveries are delivered to you 100% carbon free emissions.

What Is The Difference between 50/50 and Nic Salts?

What is the difference between freebase 50-50 e-liquids and nicotine salts? If you're starting out vaping or wanting to switch to nic salts - find out the differences between these two types of e-liquids and which will be best to suit you.