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The Latest in the world of E-Liquids

Read up on the the latest in the world of e-liquids. We bring you are verdict on the newest vape flavours on the market to our seasonal picks. Here you will find everything you need to know about vape liquids.


The History of E-Liquid

Here we look at the history and evolution of e-liquids. The advancements in vaping technology has lead to a lot of changes to e-liquids and how we vape them today.

Top 10 Short Fill E-Liquids

As rated by Vape Superstore, find out what are our top 10 Short Fill E-liquid flavours. Fruity and dessert, there is something for everyone in our line up of short fills.

Top 10 Nic Salt E-Liquids

Nicotine salts are fast becoming the most popular way to achieve that quick nicotine hit when you need it most. The salts are the purest form of nicotine, meaning that they satisfy your cravings within just over 5 seconds – an excellent choice for beating those nicotine cravings.

What Is A Nic Shot?

Nic shots are small, 10mL TPD compliant bottles of unflavoured nicotine e-liquid that are made to be mixed with larger bottles of nicotine free e-liquid. TPD regulations only apply to nicotine-containing e-liquids. Since the unflavoured nic shot is the only part of the package containing nicotine, the manufacturer needs only to test the nic shot in order to be compliant with the new rules. The result? Vapers can still enjoy large bottles of juice with nicotine in them without any extra cost.

What are Short Fill E-Liquids?

Short Fill e-liquids are the innovative little solution to TPD limits on juice containing nicotine as well as providing a more cost effective option for vapers chugging through serious quantities. Essentially, they’re large bottles of 0mg juice with space at the top for a concentrated nicotine shot.

Dripping: An Art, Not Just A Process

Dripping is vaping, hardcore style. The vaping equivalent of that guy everyone knows who spends entire Saturdays tweaking nuts and bolts in his garage (and entire Sundays with his head in the bonnet of his car). Why is he doing it? Because the drive-off-the-forecourt experience is fine for getting from A to B. His car? It’s going to be heaven on earth every time he puts his foot on the gas.