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The Latest News in the world of Vaping

What's been happening in the world of vaping? We bring you the latest news on vaping regulations, stories hitting the news and more.


What is the Legal Age to Vape?

In 2015, the UK government updated its laws on the sales of cigarettes and tobacco products to include e-liquids. It's Illegal to purchase e-liquids containing nicotine as an adult for an under 18, to sell e-liquids containing nicotine to under 18s, in-store or online. Read more

Vaping Legislation: UK vs USA

Following a spate of illnesses in the US due to "vaping", we take a look at how the vaping regulations differ between the two nations. Could the lack of regulation in the US be to blame for recent news? Read more

Never Vaped Before?

If you’re just looking into picking up your first vape kit, you might find it’s a little more complicated than popping down to your local off license and grabbing a packet of cigarettes. We’ve written a whole host of guides covering just about every topic relating to vaping. If you want to know which ones to start with and the correct order to do things - start here. Read more

Smoking Poverty in the UK

Did you know the likelihood of smoking is four times higher in the UK's most deprived areas? Here we take a look at the current statistics of smoking poverty within the UK. Read more

A to Z of Vaping

There are a lot of terms in vaping, some of them you’ll probably be familiar with pretty early on. E-cig, e-liquid, things like that are pretty self explanatory. However, when you go a bit deeper you’ll find a whole raft of new words to learn. We’ll get into all the components of vaping as well as lesser known terms and alternative names for things you’re probably already using. Read more

28 Days of Stoptober

Stoptober is an initiative run by Public Health England every year to help people (like you) to quit smoking. October isn’t all that far away and we know how big a hurdle quitting smoking can seem. There are a few things worth mentioning that you can expect over the space of your 28 days. Read more

Vaping Health Concerns - Recent News

There has been a lot of press recently surrounding deaths in the US that officials over in the US have attributed to vaping. We wanted to set out the facts for our customers, so you can rest a little easier. Read more

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