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Travelling With Vape Kits And E-Liquids

Posted by Vape Superstore on


Think of something you own, love and take wherever you go. For many of us, that's a smartphone. It's either in our hand, next to us, or charging by our beds. Vapers who've already realised bedside charging is the best excuse ever to "vape as you wake" will know that where they go, so does their vape kit.

We vape popping out for a pint of milk. Many of us vape at home, on the way to or from work, plus outside pubs and restaurants with smokers (most of whom are turning into vapers). It's therefore only natural that we'd want to take our vape with us when travelling. While we've grown to accept the various rules and regulations at airports, and part of travelling is embracing the destination's culture, it's important to know that vaping and travel come with their own protocols. Get them wrong, and you could land yourself in a lot of trouble. If jetting off is on your agenda, by all means, pay attention to the sunscreen's SPF. If you're a vaper though, you need to pay attention to this.



Where Can I Vape?

The use of e-cigs in airports is, for the most part, similar to the limitations of smoking. While Heathrow Airport briefly permitted vaping inside terminals, it's since banned e-cigs to designated smoking areas. If you want to vape prior to your flight, you'll need to head outdoors to the specific (and sadly smoke-filled) area. For a quick vape before checking in and going through security, give yourself plenty time and bear in mind that the designated smoking area may require a bit of a walk. Factor this into your time, so you don't miss your flight. This UK airport guide gives more detail, but bear in mind regulations may have changed since its 2017 date.

What About Luggage?

If you're travelling to a country that permits vaping (if you're not or are unsure, keep reading), you need to be careful how you pack your gear for the flight. Rules are largely in place due to the plane's pressurised environment. Airlines are less worried about the device itself (or the liquids). Their biggest concern is the batteries- for more info on battery safety, check out this post. Since most mods have everything pieced together though, here are the rules you need to follow.

Batteries- these must go in carry-on luggage, never in checked luggage. Some airlines limit battery number to two, and the batteries themselves must be in perfect condition.

Mods, RDAs, and tanks- This will vary between airlines, but most insist that alongside batteries, your mods, RDAs, and tanks must go in carry-on luggage. They'll want battery packs removed and it's likely they'll want evidence of a well-protected vape. Clearomisers also have the potential to leak in-flight, so best empty them before take-off.

Liquids- The modern traveller is already used to the 100ml carry-on limit. Putting 100ml max liquids into clear plastic bags is also applicable to e-liquid bottles. How you choose to do it is your call, but remember this: whether in carry-on or checked luggage, the containers must be well-sealed to avoid leakage. As altitude rises, the change in pressure can increase the chance of liquids leaking. You're free to pack your stash into your checked luggage, but much like perfume, aftershave or shampoo, make sure it's leak-proof. Avoid glass bottles as these can break, and for carry-on, make sure you're not exceeding the maximum 100ml limit.  

Does My Destination Affect My Packing?

Yes. Vaping Brits have made headlines after landing themselves in deep water on account of travelling to countries where vaping is either restricted, or flat-out banned. This article shows you what you could face if you take your vape to Thailand. Alongside hotspots like Dubai, Turkey, and Egypt, e-cigs are illegal to use in some countries. It gets a bit complicated, as laws can vary from sales of the devices to possession of them, and it gets even hairier in countries that have laws on nicotine strength. There are also age restrictions (such as no vaping under the age of 19 in Canada), and location limits (like Australia, where it's a yes for most states, but a no for nicotine e-liquids in Queensland).

Penalties can range from fines to imprisonment. Yes, prison. Since we don't know where you're going, and if you're an avid vaper, where you can vape might be deal-breaker, here's a handy map that covers the basics. Best advice? Research before you go, as laws are constantly changing. Check out the country's official government websites (or UK government travel advice- links below) and make sure you're aware of the law. If you insist on being ignorant, prepare to have your kit seized at the airport- should you be in a country with a ban. Keep reading for the section on Vaping While On Holiday.  

Can I Vape During The Flight?

No. A million times, no. The use of e-cigs on planes is strictly prohibited. Laws are in place for your own safety. Some stem from concerns over batteries, while others are just bearing in mind that the use of certain electronic devices can pose a safety risk during flights. That's a no to sneaky vaping in the toilets- smoke detectors on planes are advanced- they'll pick up on your clouds, and you will get caught. You're also not allowed to charge your device during the flight. If you want to vape as soon as possible on the other side, make sure your batteries are fully charged prior to the journey. If you need some form of nicotine between the UK airport and your arrival, you'll need to find another way. Nicotine gum and patches are still available. If you need them, use them.  


We briefly covered the importance of bearing your destination in mind earlier. We also promised a bit more detail, so here it is. Us Brits had to get used to a bit of adjustment from the law in 2017, as TPD regulations got strict on tank and e-liquid bottle size, alongside nicotine strength. The vaping mentality here in the UK is positive.

If you're going abroad though, you need to bear in mind that not all countries are as vape-positive as the UK. Alongside the above-mentioned countries, e-cig use is in some way banned in:

  • Some South American countries, like Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay and Venezuela
  • Some Central American countries, like Mexico and Panama
  • Some Asian destinations, like Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan
  • A fair few Middle-Eastern places like the UAE, Brunei, Egypt and Oman
  • Austria, Belgium and Turkey (although some of these are cartridge laws)

E-cig use is in some way restricted in:

  • Some European countries, e.g. Denmark, Finland, Norway, Hungary, Switzerland and Sweden
  • Parts of Asia, like Hong Kong and Japan
  • Other places too, like South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Iran


It really depends on where you are and often, the individual decision of the law-enforcement officer you're dealing with. If you're lucky, you might get a stern warning to stop vaping, and you're free to go. This isn't always the case, though. If you're caught vaping in Brunei for instance, that could be a £200 fine. Do it with nicotine in Hong Kong, and you might find yourself behind bars.


As we mentioned, laws are continuously changing, so it's important you stay informed as your trip approaches. A law that's in place now can easily change within six months or a year, so check the status now and before you go.

A good guide is the UK government's Foreign Advice Travel. Just select your country, go to Local Laws And Customs, and see what's there regarding cigarettes and vaping. For example, if you're going to Thailand, you'd go here, then find this section, where the laws are outlined. Okay, so you've found your perfect vape and favourite juice. While your ideal setup might look something like one of these filled with delicious e-liquid, make sure you bookmark this post so your holiday is just as ideal.

If you want to travel light and leave your box or mech mod at home, vape pens or hassle-free Pod Mods are right up your alley. If you're travelling, keep the above in mind so you don't end up down a dark one, with a law you didn't know existed, and a penalty that'll make you wish you'd read this before you went.

To find out more about vaping in general or to give it a try, pop into ypur nearest vape store, or get in touch. We'd love a nice beach break, but we're staying put- where we can vape. Can you blame us? contains general information about vaping and vapour products. The information provided is not medical advice, and should not be relied upon unless explicity cited. We do not make any warranties surrounding the health benefits, reliability and accuracy of written copy across all pages on our website, including blog content and content posted on social media.

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