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Dedicated to developing highly, fashionable, and high end vaping equipment, Chinese manufacturer Asvape is an up-and-coming e-cigarette manufacturer you’re definitely going to want to keep your eye on. Relatively new as a design house, the engineers at Asvape work hand in hand with VO Tech to produce some of the most advanced box mods around using the cutting edge of vaping technology found in VO’s proprietary chipset. Proudly standing behind their three flagship mods, the temperature control Strider 80W and the Michael 200W as well as their unconventional mechanical mod the Lucifer, the Asvape difference becomes easy to see when it comes to exterior customization. Committed to their goal of giving smokers an alternative to their unhealthy habit that’s both stylish and aesthetically appealing, while the mods of offer in the Asvape catalog are both packed with power and loaded with configuration options, the sheer number of exterior customization options absolutely ensure you’ll receive an Asvape mod that both looks and performs exactly as you expect. Whether you go with the python skin Strider, the stabilized wood Michael, or the unconventional dual-cell mechanical mod Lucifer, you’re sure to get something special no matter which mod you choose from Asvape.

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3 Item(s)


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