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Created with the goal of putting healthy products on the market to remove tobacco use from the face of the earth, Chinese manufacturer Augvape has taken tremendous steps in its short life as a company to turn this dream into a reality. Started in 2013 as a parts manufacturer for third party e-cigarette companies, Augvape experienced rapid growth in their second year of operation and in 2015 proudly began producing its own line of innovative products. Following a core philosophy of “innovation, experience, integrity”, the sales team, engineers, and management at Augvape are committed to influencing and create innovation in the global e-cigarette marketplace. While Augvape might not have an expansive list of products on offer, the ones they do have are nothing short of fantastic. Their Merlin, Boreas, and Druga atomizers are simply out of this world in both flavour and cloud production, and box mods like the Gragas and Zoom 60 provide ample power and customization options to keep any vaper happy. While far from the most prolific manufacturer on the market, Augvape is definitely an upward mover in the vaping industry and will likely continue to make waves with their fantastic products and high tier customer service.

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