Black Reserve

Black Reserve

Established in 2014, Black Reserve Vapors is a Californian company with three young entrepreneurs behind it, Jason Winkler, Graftan Darnall and Cody Soto. Winkler started in concert promotion and then worked in tech, Darnall has a product development background and Soto has worked in marketing.The brand has a certain exclusivity and that’s reflected in the fact that there are only three flavours. Black Reserve conducted extensive market research before choosing the three, with an initial total of 100 flavour ideas that was gradually whittled down. Vienna combines lemon cake, vanilla and kiwifruit, Ibiza features passion fruit, orange and guava, and Sin City is a milk, sugar and caramel creation.The liquid comes in tinted glass 30ml bottles with embossed metal labels and the caps with dropper. The liquids come in a balanced proportion of 50:50 PG and VG, and are suitable for all-day vaping.

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