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Charlies Chalk Dust

Charlies Chalk Dust

Founded in 2014, Charlie's Chalk Dust is yet another upmarket gourmet e-liquid maker based in California. The Golden State has become the source of numerous high-quality e-juice brands in the past few years. The entrepreneurs behind the company are two brothers, Ryan and Brandon Stump. The company has an interesting story. In 1923, a hot dog vendor called Charlie had an extraordinary meeting with a messianic figure while selling his wares from a mobile stand. The stranger appeared from nowhere and said, "The number of flavours is infinite, for every soluble body has a peculiar flavour, like none other." The man then dropped a scrap of paper and disappeared. Charlie recorded this tale in his journal which was discovered by the owners of Charlie's Chalk Dust under a pile of, yes, chalk dust, along with the scrap of paper. Written on the paper were recipes which have now been transformed into delicious e-juices. You can, of course, choose how much of this story you take literally. But whatever your views, the fact that Charlie's Chalk Dust juices offer an excellent vaping experience is not at issue.
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