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Cheap Thrills E-Liquids

Cheap Thrills

For those on the hunt for a truly superior line of e-liquids, the collection of fantastic juices from Cheap Thrills is sure to please. Developed through a long and arduous research and development process, the mixologists at Cheap Thrills put each of their six amazing juices through more than twenty customer insight tasting sessions in the goal of reaching the absolute pinnacle of vaping pleasure. Lab certified and manufactured in a UK-based ISO 7 clean room using only USP grade nicotine, each of these top notch varieties is sure to please vapers of just about any stripe. With each of their flavours coming standard in a blend of seventy percent VG with thirty percentage PG, each bottle has everything you need for truly superb taste along with maximum cloud production. Melding delicious fruit flavours in complex combinations sure to make your taste buds run wild, every one of Cheap Thrill’s juices has been extremely well received by the vaping community and positive reviews can be found in every corner of the internet. Available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg of nicotine, if you’re looking for the perfect vape, you’ve found it with any of the six delicious juices from Cheap Thrills.

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8 Item(s)


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