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Death Wish

Death Wish

To those out there who hold some serious passion when it comes to mech mods, the mech mod specialists over at Deathwish Modz are simply a cut above the rest. Having refrained from toying around with dozens of different designs and configurations over the lifetime of their company, Deathwish Modz has always done and continues to do only one thing which they do very, very well. Creators of the hard hitting and extremely stylistic Crossbones mech mod and the Unholy RDA that accompanies it, high end mechanical vaping simply doesn’t get any better than this. Beautifully engraved with a unique etching that is switched up every production run of five hundred units, these mech mods are every bit as much a work of art as they are a tool. Loved by flavour and cloud chasing mechanical enthusiasts all over the world, whether you buy the Crossbones mod and Unholy RDA together or individually you’re absolutely going to love what shows up at your door. Coming in an outer packaging that’s almost as impressively beautiful as what’s inside, Deathwish Modz is a vape manufacturer for those that want the absolute pinnacle in both aesthetics and performance in the world of mechanical vaping.

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