Khali Vapors

Khali Vapors

Khali Vapors was founded in Long Beach, California towards the end of 2013, priding itself on producing gourmet e-juices. Dedicated mixologists Patrick Mulcahy and Matthew Halvorson are the duo behind Khali Vapors and they picked the name with an eye on California's mythology. Khalafia (or Calafia) was a fictional warrior queen created by Spanish writer Garci Rodríguez de Montalvo. Mulcahy and Halvorson are both committed to offering e-liquids of the highest quality. The fact that they spent six months refining the first three flavours they launched, months of painstaking tweaking and refinement to get the flavour and consistency just right. Their aim is to produce well-balanced vapours that are ideal for all-day vaping. Khali produces just five e-juice flavours with the emphasis on fruity e-juices, although they do also sneak in one delicious dessert type liquid as well, Valley Girl, which features cake, vanilla custard and caramel.

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