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Kind Juice Organic Vape Liquid

Kind Juice Organic

Founded in 2014 and based in Miami, Florida Kind Juice have a determined stance on the quality and purity of their products. They insist on using only organic ingredients as they believe this is the best way to ensure that their e-liquids have the best possible flavours. The company completely eschews the use of any artificial flavours, sweeteners or dyes, and guarantee that their liquids are pesticide free and have not been tested on animals. High ethical standards are central to the company's philosophy. Kind Juice's e-liquids are aimed at people who want a gourmet vaping experience but also care about impacts on the environment and sustainability. Kind Juice call their e-liquids e-nectars and they have around a dozen flavours available. These include Indonesian Clove with the spicy Far Eastern flavour of cloves, Pirate's Gold, combining the flavours of Caribbean rum and walnut banana bread, and the romantically named Geisha Moon Song featuring plum wine and jasmine blooms. Other popular flavours are Teacher's Pet, Washington crisp red apples and creamy caramel, and Key West Sunset with the sweet flavour of candy peach rings.

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