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Marmalade E-Liquid


Marmalade are a US brand with a single mission, to create the world's finest classic marmalade vape!

There is a tale often told that marmalade was invented around the turn of the 16th century, when a Spanish cargo ship, that was badly damaged from heavy storms, sought refuge in Dundee harbour. On board were crates of Seville oranges and local merchant decided to take a chance and invest in the cheap stock on board. It is said that it was his wife that first turned them into the fruit preserve we all know and love, to stop them from spoiling.

Marmalade e-liquids may not have such a well told tale of it's beginnings, but they have successfully achieved in recreating that classic sweet and tangy marmalade taste for all vapers to enjoy now in the 21st century. With just the right amount of flavours of brown sugar combined with the pulp and peel in perfect quantities, and maybe even a dash of lemon juice to add a little 'zing', this orange marmalade has the perfect blend of citrus and sweetness familiar to all marmalade connoisseurs. If you fancy something a little different the apricot variety adds an exquisite juicy apricot fruit and citrus twist to the mix.

Available in single fully compliant 10ml bottles and money saving 30ml multi-packs, the classic breakfast marmalade taste is now here to enjoy all day long.

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3 Item(s)