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ODB 18650 Vape Battery Wraps

ODB the “Original Dirty Bastardz” custom printed battery wraps are designed in the UK for use on all 18650 batteries commonly used for vaping. Not just for looks, these wraps are strong, durable and made to a high quality that will ensure that not only your batteries are looking good but also have the necessary protection.

ODB wraps have very quickly dominated the UK battery wrap market with many striking and colourful designs that are varied and wide ranging in appeal. If you tear or rip a wrap on your 18650 battery it is essential that the wrap is replaced, so why not replace it with something that will make you stand out from the crowd?

ODB wraps are also perfect for people that own many batteries, enabling you to easily recognise your pairs and different brands under the wrap. Fitting ODB wraps to your battery is very easy, simply shrink to fit using a common hair dryer. Vape Superstore highly recommend you re-wrap your cells if the existing wrap shows any sign of damage however small – please ensure the existing battery wrap is removed before adding.

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1 Item(s)