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Project Pure E-Liquid

Project Pure E-Liquids

The Project Pure vape juice line was developed over many months with a focus on building a range of the classic e-liquid flavours that will never go out of fashion.

The goal of Project Pure was simple, to be pure in taste, style and vision. This meant the liquids being manufactured in a state of the art ISO9001 high tech Pharma grade UK lab to enable Project Pure to not only keep up with high demand, but also keep an overall high quality standard. It also meant keeping the packaging bold, stylish and to the point, steering themselves well away from cartoon and gimmicky imagery and creating classy and classic branding instead.

Their vision was also equally as pure, to create a definitive range of classic flavours without unnecessary complicated profiles. Introducing flavours such as Pure Tobacco, Pure Strawberry, Pure Ice Menthol and making those simple flavours the best they can be, which is anything but 'simple', Project Pure have absolutely nailed these flavours without the need to add layers of additional flavourings.

Project pure are perfectly in tune with their aims and have created e-liquids that are great all day vapes and they will satisfy a large number of vapers with their a smooth and tasty 70% VG blend. It's clear that Project Pure are 100% committed to providing a pure flavour vaping experience.

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6 Item(s)