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Purity Vape Juice

Purity E-Liquids

Purity have been producing high quality e-liquids in the USA under the Halo brand since 2009 and for a long time have been considered one of the most established vape juice brands in the world. Set up to supply the UK market with the same high quality liquids and genuine flavour profiles as Halo, providing UK vapers the same Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl free ingredients and lab tested e-liquids long before the EU directive.

Based in Florida, their e-liquids have always been extremely popular in the US and have gained a lot of respect for the way they run their business. Manufactured in the best clean-room conditions, all of their e-juices are produced by Nicopure Labs to ensure the utmost quality, consistency and safety. All e-liquids are tested to make sure that they are free of any unnecessary ingredients and labelled with traceable numbers.

The attention to detail given to the creation of authentic flavours combined with their world class production is what stands them apart in an increasingly growing market. Purity are some of the finest e-liquids available today and have been consistently pushing their manufacturing to the highest standards.

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5 Item(s)