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Ruby's Originals Vape Liquid

Ruby's Originals E-Liquid

Ruby's Originals are a range of UK developed and designed e-liquids. Launched in 2015 they are the brainchild of Sophie Cliffe and offers vapers a wide range of original, playful and daring flavours, from Fruity Mints to Blueberry Mojito, often putting a new and individual twist on classic flavour profiles.

The goal was not only to develop a range of unique flavoured e-liquids which would stand out in a very crowded marketplace, but also to create unique branding. With a background in graphic design, Sophie created the stylish vintage imagery that grace the labels and packaging which helps separate Ruby's Originals from the other kids on the block.

All of the Ruby’s Originals flavours are the results of many months of careful testing and tasting and are made by class leaders and UK-based, Everything Liquid labs. The products are rigorously tested in small batches to ensure a high quality and consistent vaping experience.

Ruby's Originals flavours are named with iconic and classic female names, conjuring up the spirit of Hollywood icons from a bygone era. Whether you choose Betty, Peggy or Vera all of Ruby's Originals are mixed to a high 80% VG content and will give plumes of thick flavoursome vapour in an RDA or suitable Sub-ohm tank.

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6 Item(s)