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Tesla have become one of the top names and desirable manufacturers of vaping devices from China. As a company they have demonstrated a strong ability on making high quality and technically advanced vape devices. Tesla have grown along with the vaping industry and from their first Variable Wattage device to their more recent explorations Tesla have proven to been one of the true innovators in the industry.

Tesla have often stood alone with their innovative and unique designs, the popular Stealth mod with it's side by side configuration, several steampunk inspired devices to the WYE mod with ultra durable ABS casing. Tesla have been leading the way for some years now in many areas of functional and aesthetic design.

Research and development is an area that Tesla have always been forging new paths in and have put in place stringent quality control measures to ensure their products are not only safe but built to a robust quality that ensures users will own a device that has been built to last.

Vape Superstore are proud to offer the Tesla brand and carry a range of products for both new and experienced vapers. With exciting products in the development pipeline all the time, Tesla is a brand that is always looking ahead and they will certainly be playing a big part in the future of the vaping industry.

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8 Item(s)