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Trinity Glass


Trinity started life in 2012 as a custom vape accessories brand, specialising in creating glass caps for existing atomisers. Made in house by their custom glass blower they produced unique products for the vaping industry that were not available elsewhere.

After a lot of success with their accessories, they quickly started to turn their attention to metalwork and establish themselves as a brand that could meet the wider requirements of vapers worldwide. They have since expanded into the UK releasing a highly regarded mechanical tube mod and a range of specialist atomisers. They also expanded their accessories to include custom tips and tanks.

Always having their finger on the pulse of new trends within the industry they have gone from fairly humble beginnings to having vape stores all across Southern California and able to offer their products across Europe.

Trinity products are proudly made in the USA and manufactured to a quality that specialist and enthusiast vapers will be proud to own and have as part of their collection.

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2 Item(s)