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An ideal choice for massive cloud production while on the go, a sub ohm vape tank from the Vape Superstore is the easy and safe way to achieve cloud chucking on the go unrivaled in convenience in power. Traditionally reserved for experienced coil builders with a full understanding of electronic circuitry and ohm’s law, new advances in the vaping industry have brought a wide range of sub ohm vape tanks that utilize prebuilt coil heads to provide limitless options without exposing novice and intermediate users to the dangers of sub ohm vaping on homemade coils. The absolute pinnacle of vapour production, sub ohm vaping utilizes high ampere currents and extremely low coil resistance to create massive, billowing clouds that far exceed what was ever possible on resistance range of traditional coiling material. From full-sized powerhouses of insane cloud production like Maxo V12 from Ijoy or the entire TFV line from SMOK to compact and super portable options like the Triton Mini from Aspire, Vape Superstore’s collection of over thirty different sub ohm vape tanks on offer leaves you a great range of affordable choices, whatever you might be looking for. For those looking for the convenience of a tank as well as a platform for building their own coils, numerous options either come included with or support RBA build deck coil heads and allow for the ultimate in versatility without sacrificing ease of use or requiring constant dripping. No longer only the purview of only most serious coil engineers, sub ohm vaping is now accessible even to beginners and has never been easier than with a sub ohm vape tank sporting premade coils. Durable, convenient, and capable of top notch cloud chucking, for on the go cloud chasing it doesn’t get any better than a sub ohm vape tank from Vape Superstore.

20 Item(s)

20 Item(s)