Kendo was started by a group of vaping enthusiasts. Their story starts with one simple aim, to provide the best quality cotton for vaping available anywhere. After a lot of testing and experimentation, Kendo Vape Cotton was born. It’s cultivated in Japan from one selected species of cotton plant but most importantly it’s organic, 100% pesticide free and unbleached. It's resistant to burning and is highly recommended for RDA use. With Kendo Vape Cotton there will be no flavours in your wick to taint your e-liquids. Using Kendo will allow you to experience the full flavour of your juice just as the e-liquid manufacturer intended it to taste. After the ongoing success of Kendo Vape Cotton, the company has also started providing a range of wire and coils as well as an e-liquid line.

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Kendo Vape Cotton

Kendo organic vape cotton is one of the highest quality vaping cottons available. It has excellent liquid absorption so long pulls at high wattage are possible without your wicks becoming dry. Kendo also has a low flavour retention allowing you you change e-liquid flavours without it being necessary to re-wick every time. In testing we've found Kendo to perform really well under heavy use and can last up to twice as long as other cottons. Kendo Vape Cotton is 100% unbleached and flavourless. It will always provide you with maximum flavour straight out of the bag. Kendo Vape Cotton Original is supplied in a 5 gram packet of long lasting cotton. All you will find in the packet is 100% unbleached Japan organic cotton. It’s chosen specifically for its unique properties that make it extremely suitable for the needs of vapers who build their own coils.

Kendo Vape Cotton Gold Edition shares the same properties and features as the Kendo Original Cotton. The difference is the Gold Edition comes as a metre long length. The aim of the Gold Edition is to make the wicking process even easier than before. The gold standard for vaping cotton, Kendo Vape Cotton Gold Edition should be on everyone's list to try. It's especially useful for higher wattage dripper enthusiasts but also perfect for any rebuildable vaping device where full saturation is needed at all times.

Kendo At Vape Superstore

Vape Superstore are proud to be a UK stockist of Kendo Vape Cotton. A truly organic and flavourless specialist vaping cotton with amazing wicking properties and long life. Our price match promise and free delivery make Vape Superstore the ideal place to purchase Kendo Vape Cotton in the UK.