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Cool, refreshing, and especially great for smokers of menthol cigarettes looking to quit, Vape Superstore’s large line of menthol e-liquids are universally enjoyed. Here you’ll find everything from just a hint of menthol, to a full blown icy blast. So where ever on the menthol spectrum you fall, we’ve got something for you.

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We cover a wide range of minty flavours from the mild menthol flavour of Cosmic Fog’s Chilled Tobacco all the way up to powerful blast of icy minty goodness found in e-juices like Frost from Element E-Liquids. If you’ve never tried it before give a menthol and fruit blend a try. It makes for a surprisingly pleasant combination. You’re not limited there either - our range also includes a several menthol vape juices paired with other flavours. Some favourites include the mint chocolate Beard No. 88, the lemon infused menthol juice Citrus from TNGL, and the worldwide popular Heisenberry E-Liquid. Our huge selection of menthol e-liquids is guaranteed to have something for everyone. Carrying a large number of menthol juices at a variety of different price points, we also have on offer our own special in-house brand of vape e liquids. They combine amazing menthol taste with a slew of other flavours that are an extremely affordable option in any price range.

Whether you are looking for something with a big menthol kick or just the cool, subtle undertones of mint, we’ve got the perfect e cig juice for you. Not just limited to straight up menthol or the existing minty blends, you can mix these with your other favourite juices to spice them up a bit. Always refreshing and never boring, menthol is a vape favourite for a reason. Great for ex-smokers of menthol cigarettes and lovers of mint alike. Just like some staples you get in every grocery shop, menthol is a classic you should always have on hand. Consider getting a bottle of menthol vape juice in your next order.