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Vape Mods

Vape mods are the next level up in the vaping world, e-cig mods are technologically advanced (or modified) e-cig batteries, also known as APVs (Advanced Personal Vaporisers), that give you ultimate control over your vape settings. Once you’ve worked your way through the world of e-cigarette starter kits, it’s only logical to want to go for something with a bit more power. Vape mods come packed full of features that allow users to fully customise how they vape. Temperature control, variable voltage, safety cut-off and sub-ohm capabilities are just some of features that will come as standard with the best vape mods. Shop our range of Advanced Box mods, Mechanical Mods and Squonk mods from leading brands including SMOK, Wismec and Geek Vape.

GEN 200 Mod by Vaporesso



GEN 80S Mod by Vaporesso



Aegis Max Mod by Geek Vape
Aegis Max Mod by Geek Vape

Geek Vape

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Deco Vape Mod by Aspire
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Glint Vape Mod by Aspire
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Glint Vape Mod by Aspire


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DotBox 220W Vape Mod by Dotmod
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DotBox 220W Vape Mod by Dotmod


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Aegis Solo Mod by Geek Vape
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GEN S Mod by Vaporesso
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GEN S Mod by Vaporesso





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Regulated Box Mods

Regulated vape mods carry all the safety functions you'd expect from a beginner vape kit, like re-charge cut off, minimum allowable resistance and maximum current. The box mod is just that - the mod on its own leaving you to choose the kind of tank and coil resistance to go with it. You'll also often have new features like a puff counter, a timer on how long your last drag was and auto-detection of the resistance on your coil.

Powered through either rechargeable lithium ion batteries, commonly 18650 batteries, or a built-in battery within the mod itself. With high VG e-juices used for mega cloud production and low coil resistances being so hard on battery life, these were engineered to give the best of both worlds while still lasting the distance.

Mechanical Mods

Mech mods remove all of that, there is no circuitry or electronic components separating the battery from the coil. What this means is you'll require an understanding of physics so you can create the whole set-up yourself with your own coils. Mechanical mods come in both the box shape and the pen style. They send power from your battery straight to the atomizer. However, whilst a more advanced device, the payoff of this is you get total control over how you create the resistance so can maximise your cloud production. Mech mods are most commonly used with rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs) - we've also got a fantastic range of RDA tanks to compliment your mech mod.

Squonk Mods

One of the latest developments in vaping is squonking - similar to dripping but without the fuss. Squonk mods enable a reservoir of up to 7ml of e liquid meaning they're a more portable option for people wanting to build their own coils without the hassle of carrying juice with them. You gently squeeze the bottle on the side, any excess is vacuumed away when you release and you get a nicely saturated coil. Squonkers also often have a safety lock meaning you won't accidentally flood the deck with juice when it's in your pocket. Essentially you get all the flavour pay-off you'd expect from an RDA without the constant need for dripping.

These models are the ultimate experience in sub-ohm vaping, meaning you can really push the boundaries to get to even lower resistance and higher wattage. What you get in return is maximum flavour, cloud production and battery life. Depending on how heavily you use them, your new mod could last you the whole day - even when you're chugging it all the time. The beauty of them is you can also carry spare batteries to swap out so you'll never need to worry about that flashing red light again.

Whichever you go for, the power behind them far out-strips the starter kit models, meaning you get more intense flavour and vapour.