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Squonk Mods

Squonk Mods are the latest phenomenon that’s recently taken off in the vaping world. Squonker Mods use a bottle of juice that is housed within the mod to feed the vape liquid into a tank or an RDA. Most Squonk Box Mods involve the user squeezing the bottle to force the liquid up through the special BF connector to saturate the cotton, usually within a RDA. Because these nifty little devices enable you to keep a self-built coil going without constantly topping up with the conventional dripping method, squonk mods have meant people have fallen in love with coil building all over again. The bottles within squonkers tend to be large capacity which lets you vape on the go without the need for refilling. Squonkers also give great flavour and are easy to use.

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What is Squonking?

Squonking is a method of vaping using a squonk mod, typically connected to a bottom-fed rebuildable tank atomiser. There’s a bottle inside the mod itself, next to the battery that is connected to the tank or RDA on top by a small tube. When you squeeze the bottle, juice travels up the tube to saturate the wick. When you stop squeezing, the vacuum created inside the bottle draws excess liquid away. Then, you just press the button and vape as you normally would. As you would when using a normal RDA, once the flavour isn’t as strong and you can tell the coil is drying out, just squeeze the bottle again to refresh it.

Generally, these mods are for more experienced vapers only. Particularly when it comes to combining them with an RDA as you’ll be building your own coils and a lot of these models are unregulated so you’ll need a comprehensive understanding of Ohm’s law.

Benefits of Squonk Mods

Squonk mods get around the TPD regulations because the bottle inside isn’t classified as a tank. This enables you to carry more juice without refilling. Some mods will have a 2ml tank on top but generally most squonk mods are designed for use with an RDA. The bottle inside can usually hold around 7ml of e liquid.

These models can come in a kit with their own conventional tank but can also come with an RDA too. They’re a much more efficient way of using an RDA on the go because of the ability to top up the coil without doing so manually with a bottle of juice. The hassle of constantly dripping is taken away as when your coil starts to dry out, just squeeze your squonker to top it up.

Using a squonk mod means the flavour is fresher too. It’s already enhanced due to the use of an RDA but because you’re only vaping small amounts of juice at a time and drying it off the coil quickly, there’s less condensation and residual liquid sitting on the wick.

Regardless of whether you prefer a regulated sub ohm experience or a mechanical mod, squonk mods come in both formats meaning no matter your usual vaping style you can still try them out.

Is Squonking for you?

If you already enjoy the benefits of RDAs and building your own coils, the convenience and tank capacity of a squonk mod could be for you.

Squonkers are easy to use, nicely self-contained and a more convenient way to get the benefits out of dripping without actually having to go through the usual process of topping up the wicking material with juice. They’re good when out and about as you can take a spare battery if you think you’ll be chugging through it all day, and the inner tank means as long as you don’t need more than 7ml of liquid, you’ll have enough to last you the whole time you’re out.

If you want to try squonking for yourself but aren’t quite at the coil-building stage yet, give one a go with a standard tank first to see how you like it.

Buying a Squonk Mod

As always, you can rely on Vape Superstore to bring you a wide selection of the best squonk mods on the market. Regardless of whether it’s your first squonker, or you’re a dab hand and are looking for an advanced mechanical squonk mod like the GeekVape Athena, we have something for you.

If you’re unsure which model is best for your needs, get in touch for a personal recommendation. Otherwise, drop into one of our stores to try them out first and see how you like them.