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DNA Mods

The absolute pinnacle of precision, high performance vaping, look no further than any mod containing any of the DNA chipsets made by the premiere vape developers over at Evolv. With their stated goal to create the most consistently performing, intuitive, and high tech vaping products around, Evolv’s proprietary chipsets are the ultimate in safe, reliable vaping and give the user unbridled control when it comes to regulating the internal state of their vaping device. Continuously innovating and supporting upgradeable firmware to keep any DNA chipset-equipped mod at the absolute highest level of performance, seriously tech savvy vaping enthusiasts simply cannot go wrong with any hyper-advanced, DNA-equipped mod. Safe, reliable, and absolutely bristling with vaping options and safety features, DNA chipsets leave the rest of the vaping industry in the dust and are fully compatible with the EScribe PC software suite. Possessing unheard of levels of customization, any DNA-equipped mod can be connected and fully customized via the USB port of any PC, allowing the user to customize vaping presets, individualized profiles for multiple different users, diagnose any problems with the device, and much, much more. Showcasing a limited line of premium mods featuring technology from Evolv, Vape Superstore is proud to offer a number of DNA mods including the DNA 166 Therion from LostVape, the DNA 75 Elfin from Sbody, and the DNA 200 from Wismec. Whatever power output you’re looking for, be it the moderate wattage of of the Esquare DNA 60 or the massive cloud chucking potential of the Tirade DNA 250, fans of cutting edge vaping hardware will undoubtedly find their heart’s wildest desire in our offering of DNA mods. Powerful, highly customizable, safe, and reliable, a DNA mod from the Vape Superstore makes a great choice for any serious vaping enthusiast.

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