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Mech Mods

Mechanical Mods are designed purely for the experienced vapers out there and those with some serious knowledge regarding Ohm’s law, amperage calculations, and battery c-ratings. Mech Mods do away with all internal circuitry and consist of little more than an exterior casing, conductive wiring leading to the atomizer, and a fire button. With an unregulated mechanical mod there are no OLED screens, adjustment buttons to fiddle with, or safety features and, as an unregulated mod, the power output of the unit decreases as the battery gets closer to being depleted.

While mechanical mods may lack features and might appear to some as an antiquated way of vaping with no place in the modern world, they actually present a number of advantages and in a lot of ways make for a superior option over regulated mods when it comes to coil building. Besides being insanely durable, hard to break, and easy to fix, test firing coils during building is easy and trouble free on a mechanical mod with no internal circuitry or safety settings to get in the way. With this lack of regulation, however, comes a bit of extra danger and unregulated mechanical mods put users at distinctly higher risk of short circuits or other catastrophic failures if used improperly, meaning mechanical mods are best left to coil builders with years of experience under their belt.

If you are well versed in coil building and have a firm understanding of the flow of current, a mechanical mod like VGod Elite or the Ruby 24 Mod from Kennedy will make a superb choice when it comes to ease of coil building and superior vaping output. Especially great when it comes to sub ohm vaping, mechanical mods are a favourite of competitive cloud chasers everywhere, and our collection definitely has something for UK vapers.

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17 Item(s)

What is a Mechanical Mod?

Mechanical mods are tubes of metal that come without an inbuilt battery or circuitry. They are made from metals including brass, aluminium and stainless steel and come with firing pins that enable the current in your battery to connect with your clearomizer or atomiser so the coil can be heated and the juice turned into vapour. Renowned for their durability and longevity but should only be used once you have acquired high levels of vaping knowledge and experience.

How do they differ from regulated devices?

When you use a mech mod, you gain a greater level of control over the vaping experience. If used correctly they can enhance a users vaping experience. They can be dangerous to inexperienced users as they don't offer the same kind of user and battery protection that get with regulated devices.

Most vapers use mechanical mods for as the vaping experience is enhanced. The lack of electrical circuits means your mod can continue to fire even when your coil's resistance (ohms) is low. The direct transfer of power from the battery to coils means you get a faster power up, creating a bigger hit and more flavour.

Who should use a Mech Mod?

Only to be used by people who have studied unregulated vaping in depth and have a robust understanding of ohms and how batteries work. If you're seeking stronger flavours and are keen to generate substantial clouds, chances are you may wish to move onto mechanical mods.

Safety Tips

There are many safety tips you need to familiarise yourself with before using a mechanical mod. Here's some of the key tips we recommend.

  • Look for a mech mod with a lock for the firing pin or button and one that has air holes in to prevent over heating.
  • You should check the volts of your batteries to make sure they are not over or undercharged and prevent the mod from becoming too hot.
  • You should never build a coil with insufficient resistance and should always use quality branded batteries with high amp limits.
  • You will also need to invest time in maintaining your mod by cleaning its components and threads regularly.