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Floral E-Liquids

Delightfully blissful and a departure from your run of the mill sugary and sweet type of vape, Vape Superstore offers a small selection of floral and herbal e-liquids that are sure to please both lovers of aromatics and those looking for something a little bit different. While some of these juices still possess some moderately sweet notes in their flavour profiles, most of the aromatic juices we offer have sweetness as a significantly reduced part of the total makeup of the juice. With a collection of floral juices like the delightful cardamom and vanilla Rose from Simple Vape Co and the passionflower tropical fruit Zen from Element E-Liquids, as well as a series of more conventional juices containing floral notes like the zingy lime The Flux from Electric Dew, you will undoubtedly find our entire floral collection to be splendid and full of great picks for anyone looking for an unconventional aromatic juice.

17 Item(s)

17 Item(s)


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