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Why Vape?

Will using Ecigs help me stop smoking?

We are not a medical company and we do not produce or retail medical products with the aim of helping people to stop smoking. There is no direct proven evidence that devices and products on this site will assist you to cut down or stop smoking. There are however many claims and testimonials from individuals worldwide who state that by moving on to electronic nicotine supply products they have been able to stop using conventional tobacco cigarettes.

Can I get an Ecig that looks and tastes like a real cigarette?

The first generation of electronic cigarettes that appeared on the market were specifically designed to look and fell as much like a real cigarette as possible. The main drawback with these was that the taste and sensation of smoking was sorely lacking. They produced minimal vapour and users had to change batteries at an alarming rate as they lasted for less than an hour of use.

Newer models were soon released and the Vape as we know it today was born. We do not stock 1st generation E-cigs, as we feel they are just not up to scratch. This means that there are no products we stock that look exactly like a cigarette, but there are many products that are of a similar size and convenience.

The liquids that are used in vapes are available in a very wide variety of tobacco flavours and although they will not replicate the exact taste of a burning leaf we feel that there are some excellent substitutes you can try. Click here (link) to see our range of Tobacco flavour eliquids.

Isn’t it expensive having to buy all this stuff?

Cigarettes are expensive and without a doubt they are bad for you. Even if you are a very occasional smoker the cost of a packet of cigarettes purchased once or twice a week will very quickly overtake any initial investment in a good vape.  We have a selection of entry level vaping kits (link) that give you everything  you need to get up and running for a very small initial outlay,  we even throw in your first bottle of eliquid with the order of most kits free of charge. The cost of liquid is around the same as a packet of cigarettes but it will last 5 to 10 times longer, or more if you are not an extensive user.


Basics – What’s What?

What do I need to get started?

If you are completely new to vaping or you are looking to move on from ineffective and expensive “cig-a-likes” your best bet may well be an eGo starter kit. This is an entry level clearomizer, battery and charger.  That means you can simply charge up the battery, add the liquid of your choice into the clearomizer tank and you’re ready to start vaping!

If you are looking for a more tailored vaping experience we have an excellent range of hand selected and personally tested Clearomizers,  tanks and atomizers with some of the best and most reliable batteries available.

What is an Atomizer?

An Atomizer (sometimes abbreviated to “Atty”) is a small electronic heating element that connects to a battery by simply screwing on to the top. The vast majority of these will require you to push a button to activate the battery and supply power to the atomizer heating element.  The heating element then vaporizes the liquid it is contact with, producing the required vapour. Atomizers are generally used in conjunction with a clear tank to form a Clearomizer , or with a separate tank. As they are the part of the vapourizer that effectively does all the work, they will have a limited shelf life and will need replacing (which is usually a very simple procedure) anywhere from 1 week to 2 months depending on how intensively you vape. Show picture?

What is a Cartomizer?

A Cartomizer is basically a container for the liquid and an atomiser all in one. They are often filled with a type of wadding that the liquid is soaked into and that the atomizer is in contact with, allowing it to create the vapour. They can simply be a hollow tube that more advanced wick system atomizers fit into, allowing more liquid to be held so it is drawn up the wick (usually made of Japanese Cotton or silica fibres) or alternatively a solid metal coil system to be used heating the liquid directly. They are available in a very wide variety of sizes, types configurations and materials. Show picture?

What is a Clearomizer?

A clearomizer is a type of cartomizer where the tank that the liquid is held is transparent. They are most often made of a hardwearing plastic allowing the user to see the levels of liquid still remaining in the chamber. Clearomizers have become the standard configuration for most entry level products as well as many of the more advanced bits of kit, as they are easy to manage they allow for a good level of liquid to be held within the device. They can be easily changed and customised to suit individual tastes. Show picture?

What is a Tank?

A tank is simply the reservoir that is used to hold the eliquid. They are used in conjunction with punched or slotted cartomizers, where the wick or coil system is screwed into the tank to complete the vaporizing chamber ready to be attached to a power source. These are most frequently made out of high grade stainless steel, toughened glass(pyrex) or quartz, or a combination of the two. Easy to maintain, and refillable many times over they are an excellent economical choice for long term use. Show picture?

What is an eGo?

These are now seen as the standard benchmark for beginner or medium use vapers.  They are most commonly a clearomiser with wick system over a single heating coil, attached to a battery. They are effectively the most simple way of vaping, because you just add liquid to the clear chamber and as long as the battery is charged you’re good to go! They are cost effective, light weight and small enough to fit in a pocket or handbag. They are a significant step up in terms of satisfaction from cig-a-likes because they produce a better flavour, more vapour and the batteries last enough for a night out without needing to be swapped or charged. Show picture?

What is a KIT?

Vape KIT’s  are a pack of all the things you need to get started. They contain your cartomizer/clearomizer, at least one battery and a charger (although in many cases they have much more!) All components are compatible and it is more cost effective than buying the bits individually.

What is E-Liquid?

E-Liquid, sometimes known as ejuice, is what creates the vapour when heated. It is made out of a few basic ingredients including PG (Propylene Glycol) and or VG (Vegetable Glycerine), Nicotine (but not always as many liquids can be purchased in 0mg strengths) food additive flavourings and water. When mixed in varying quantities it produces a viscous liquid that is heated in a suitable device, inhaled and released as a cloud of vapour. For more details on liquids click here (link to eliquids section of FAQ)

What does this “W / Ohms” means?

This refers to the electrical resistance in a circuit. In vaping it is the amount of resistance in the heating element of your unit. The amount of resistance when coupled with the power put out from the battery is what causes the element to heat up. As most batteries deliver a standard or fixed voltage, higher resistance coils cannot reach very high temperatures very quickly.  Most atomisers have a coil with a resistance of between 1.8-3.6 Ohms. For all but the most advanced vapers this does not really matter as it gets easily hot enough to produce a good quantity of vapour without burning it spoiling the taste. However we also supply tech that has variable voltage capacity allowing greater control over the temperature of the heating element and the resulting vaping experience.

What is Variable Voltage?

Products that have variable voltage allow you to force more power through the heating coil. This makes it hotter, vaporizing more liquid as you pull and creating a deeper inhale and more vapour. This can be coupled with lower resistance, single, double or even quad cores; massive battery packs, wide air intake vents in the cartomizer and wider drip tips to produce huge amounts of vapour in what has become known as “Cloud Chasing”



What is the difference between a Clearomizer and a tank?

A clearomizer is a transparent container with an atomizer and liquid feeding system all in one unit, most commonly, top coil with wick system, but not always. A tank is simply the vessel that holds the liquid, it must be added to other components to enable the liquid to be heated and vaporized.

What are the Pros/Cons of the eGo Clearomizer system?

As these are now pretty much the standard piece of kit they are widely available from a variety of manufacturers and hence very cost effective. They have been worked on constantly for the last 3-4 years, since first appearing and have had all the bugs ironed out and the performance pretty much optimised for the level of tech they contain. They are simple and effective. Limited numbers of components, which are easily replaceable, mean that when they become worn or well used you can simply screw in the relevant bit and your back up and running. They are relatively small and quite lightweight and hence are a very popular choice for people when they are out and about.

Downsides are minimal but there are a few. The clear container in many of the more basic models is not indestructible and they can crack or break if they are not well looked after. They are smaller so may not be able to hold large levels of liquid and if they are used very intensively you can run out quite quickly. The main drawback is the lack of customisation to allow you to dial in your perfect smoke or increase the vapour volume unless you add them to more high power and variable batteries.

What are the Pros/Cons of a cartomiser/clearomizer and tank system?

By using a cartomiser/clearomizer and tank system you immediately open up an almost limitless amount of customisations for your vaping experience.  The reservoir that holds the liquid can be significantly larger and made of High strength cobalt Pyrex or stainless steel meaning you have more liquid to use and you don’t need to worry about it breaking. You can add in multiple coils of almost any resistance giving you greater heat flexibility and therefore more/less vapour. You can use batteries that deliver variable voltages to either vape harder or extend the time you can use it for without charging and much, much more.

The only problem with these setups is they can require more than the average level of knowledge and experience to get the most out of them. It is undeniable though, that some of the higher end tech delivers an outstanding vaping experience, allowing the true tastes and flavours of the liquids to be enjoyed to the maximum

Which type should I Buy?

Well what level of vaper are you? If you are just starting out, an eGo style kit is a great way to begin to experience the joys of vaping. If you are already vaping but want to increase your experience, then some of the variable voltage batteries used with nautilus or iclear clearomizers will really allow you to see just how much you can get out of your favourite hobby. If you need some help or you are still unsure, have a look at our best sellers section to see what is popular.

Do Clearomizers crack or break?

Unfortunately accidents do happen and some of the more entry level clearomizers can crack if they are put under a lot of pressure or if they are dropped onto a hard surface. Advancements in the plastics used in the more recent models that we stock though have meant that this is now less likely.  Another issue to be aware of is that some eliquids,  particularly those that contain higher levels of citric acid as flavourings or those containing some cinnamon flavourings are known to react with the plastic that some clearomizers are made from. This means that they can begin to breakdown the container weakening it slightly and making it more susceptible to break under pressure. Using glass or stainless steel tanks will eliminate this issue.

Do I need a separate tank for my Clearomizer?

Not usually no. All clearomizers we stock can be used without tanks and can be attached straight onto a compatible battery.

How long will a Clearomizer last?

It depends from product to product and your usage. With eGo style clearomizers they normally have a life span of around a couple of months with reasonably regular use. The larger glass or stainless steel units will last indefinitely but the coils and wicks that are inside will need changing when performance drops, again how long this is will depend on usage.

Can I upgrade parts of my Clearomizer system?

YES! That is the great thing about Vaping.  When you realise just how superb the experience can be with a little homework or help from us, you will be able make changes to your tech to really “dial in” that perfect sweet spot, whether you are looking for maximum flavour, the strongest hit or to fill the room with your own personal fog, making small upgrades can make a huge difference. Upgrading is often the most cost effective way if you are on a tight budget as you can do it in small, inexpensive steps.

Why is Variable Voltage important?

Variable Voltage (VV) is the easiest way to tailor you vaping experience. All but the most basic batteries now come with some form of VV option. This allows you to push more or less voltage (or power) through the heating element increasing or decreasing the vaporizing temperature.  This effects the taste,  vapour density and volume.

What is the advantage of Variable Airflow?

Like varying the voltage, increasing or decreasing the airflow over the coil will change the amount of vapour produced and the type of “hit” you will get from the pull. Depending on how you vape (and if you are/were a smoker,  how you smoked) you may find that you are not getting the most form your tech or liquid. This will be down to whether you mouth inhale or lung inhale. What is the difference?

Well in a very basic description; mouth inhaling is like you would smoke a Cigar and is the way the majority of people Vape. When you pull on the vape it is done reasonably slowly and naturally, drawing vapour off the coil and holding it in your mouth. You stop pulling on the vape and then inhale the vapour from your mouth into your lungs before exhaling. Show video? This allows the liquid to sit in the mouth and nasal cavity for longer allowing more nicotine to enter the blood and more taste to be picked up by the flavour receptors on the tongue and palette.

Direct Lung Inhaling means that you draw the vapour directly from the device straight down into your lungs.  It tends to be a faster harder hit on the vape and a more expansive pull into your body. This method will mean that you are pulling significantly more air in across the coil and your device  needs to have the capacity to handle that volume of air and still vapourize enough liquid to generate a good cloud and most importantly deliver the nicotine and flavour you are looking for. This is where the variable airflow comes in a tighter more controlled air intake is more suited to mouth vaping, but to direct hit or lung inhale you need to be able to increase the intake hole to allow maximum air through.

Can I use different liquids in the same clearomizer/tank?

Definitely. There are many excellent liquids available here at VapeSuperstore and we are sure you’ll find one that you will love, but that doesn’t mean you can be you very own mixologist! If there are two flavours that you love, try combining them to create something special.  That is the joy of Vaping.

Should I go single coil or double?

That is entirely personal preference and is really dictated by how you like to vape.  Single coils, especially the higher quality ones we stock here at Vapesuperstore, will deliver a very fine quality vapour from all types of batteries. These will be perfectly suitable for most beginner and intermediate vapers.  However, if you want to use a bit more power,  if you prefer a direct lung hit or if you just love cloud chasing then dual coil devices will certainly allow you to kick it up a gear and really get the most out of your vaping experience.

How do I know if my atomizer needs replacing?

The most common or tell-tale sign is that you are just not getting the same amount of vapour or satisfaction from each pull. But as this can happen gradually you may not really notice this as easily. Other signs are that you are getting juice spat at you more frequently or the atomizers gurgles when it is activated. These two are usually a sign you have overfilled the chamber, but they can also be caused by the atomizer not heating us as quickly or efficiently as it did, not vapourizing efficiently and some liquid then being taken in to your mouth with the pull.


Re-buildable Atomizers (RDA’S/ RTA’S/MOD’s)

What are they?

Re-buildable Atomizers (shortened to RBA) are highly modifiable atomizers that are used in conjunction with tanks (re-buildable tank atomizers / RTA’s) or directly with drip tips or drippers (re-buildable dripper atomizers / RDA’s). They are heads that are usually made from stainless steel and use a re-buildable coil or wick system. This allows users to create their own coil or wick from the own preferred material for ultimate customisation. These coils are now increasingly made from Kanthal and are made with much lower resistance than standard coils (usually well under 0.5ohms) allowing for very high vaping temperatures to be achieved.

MOD’s are simply modifiable components for your vape. These include atomizers,  drippers, tanks and batteries

Why should I buy one?

These are not for the feint hearted or anyone other than very experienced vapers.  Sub Ohm coils get very hot very quickly and need to be used with compatible batteries. If you want the biggest most intense vaping experience then give them a try!

What do I need as a minimum to get the most out of RBA’s?

You will need a good quality battery, a tank or dripping system and of course your coil/wick system. Variable voltage and adjustable air intakes on your MODS are also a must.

Can I combine my current Clearomizer items with RBA’s?

It depends what clearomizer you are using. If it is an eGo style then it is best not to, as the atomiser and higher power batteries will not be compatible with the clearomizer chamber or mouthpiece. If you are using one of the larger stainless steel or glass tanks then there should be no problem, but make sure you check item and thread compatibility.

What is Sub-Ohm Vaping / “Cloud chasing”?

Sub Ohm Vaping, is a term used for tech that is powered by higher wattage battery packs pushing larger voltages of current across VERY low resistance wires. Any coil that has a resistance below 1 Ohm is classed as sub ohm.

“Cloud chasing” is a new trend that has grown up in the last year or so, enabled by lower resistance multi coil vapes,  powered by increasingly large battery packs.  The main object is to create the largest cloud of vapour on the exhale as is possible. Not the best vaping experience but it is certainly a lot of fun!

Do I need specific Sub Ohm Batteries for sub ohm tanks?

Yes, if you a using subohm coils you will need a compatible battery.



What type of batteries are there?

Batteries are the power source for the heating element to vaporize your eliquid. They can roughly be divided into three groups:

eGo style, button operated. These are cylindrical batteries that have a push button to activate and they simply screw onto your cart or clearomizer. Simple,  easy to use but have relatively short shelf lives and are really your entry level model.  These usually have an operating strength of 3.7 volts and run for 650 mAh (milliampere hours). These need to be disconnected from the clearomizer to charge.

Variable Voltage/Wattage. These are slightly more powerful batteries that allow for the Voltage or Wattage (or both) to be increased or decreased. This can be either by a manual twist dial in more basic models or using a digital display as is found in more advanced models.

Sub ohm Battery. These are specifically designed to be used with coils and heating elements made from sub ohm materials.  They operate at higher power and delivery larger levels of current. Perfect for when you literally want to fill the room with your favourite vapour in a single shot!

What is a pass through battery?

These are types of battery that can be connected to a charging power source but still be used to vape at the same time.

Are there specific batteries for cartomizers?

Not in so much as there are batteries just for cartomizers, but the connector size that is commonly used in eGo clearomizers and smaller vapes is 510 and there are many batteries that fit that size thread. Other thread sizes are include 901, M401 and KR808 (often shortened to KR8), so make sure that whichever head you are buying fits your battery or alternatively we have a good selection of connectors and adapters.

Do larger batteries give a better vape?

Not necessarily although larger batteries are required for multi core equipment. The larger battery is often preferred purely because it lasts longer on a charge than its smaller counterparts.

How long does a batteries charge last?

Battery life span is measured in mAh (milliampere hours) which is the figure you see quoted by manufacturers for specific products. Unfortunately the question is really like how long is a piece of string because it varies so much based on usage and the other components you have in your setup. A pretty standard eGo setup using a 650mAh battery will give you approximately 30 mins of continuous use,  BUT that is if it was on non-stop. In reality you need to look at how long each pull you take lasts and how many you take in an average hour. A rough rule of thumb for that battery size will be about 5-6 hours of normal use.

Will my battery need replacing?

Unfortunately batteries do not last for ever. But the length of time before the die and need replacing will vary depending on use, how often you charge it and if it is well cared for. A normal eGo 650 mAh battery should last a year or more it is well looked after (contact points cleaned and pin checked) regularly, even with quite heavy vaping.  A battery will naturally start to go into decline after 12-18 months but all this means is that it will not hold its charge for as long as it did when new.

How many batteries will I need?

Again it is personal choice, but we all know that feeling when you really need a vape and you run out of power, not good. We would recommend a minimum of 2, one for use whilst the other is charging, but it is also probably worthwhile to have a third just in case of emergencies!

Do your products come with batteries and chargers included?

All our starter kits come with at least one battery

Can I use any charger with my battery?

We would strongly advise not. Not all retailers work to our very high standard of production quality and using chargers that are sourced from inferior or unknown manufacturers can be very dangerous and in exceptional cases fatal. Batteries and chargers overheating when used incorrectly has been known to lead to batteries failing, leaking or even exploding.  You are much safer using the charger supplied by, or recommended by, the products manufacturer, preferably in a specialist Li-Po charging sack.


Eliquids (juice)

How do I fill my vape with Eliquid?

There are a few important tips when filling your vape.
1) Do not overfill,  it is better to keep you chamber half full and top it up rather than overfill it and eliquid to go everywhere
2) Run the liquid down the inside of the tank keeping it away from the central tube where the coil is.
3) if you spill it on yourself wash it off with warm soapy water.  Nicotine can be absorbed through the skin and if you leave it on you it can cause irritation
This video provides the best method to follow.

What goes into your eliquids?

There are 3 main potential ingredients in an e-liquid: Nicotine, flavouring and a base. Each and every eliquid we sell is unique and has a different set of ingredients, but they will have at least 2 of these components. We list the main ingredients of each eliquid under each product , but for a full list of any specific products ingredients see the manufacturers website. The base that forms the liquid will be either PG (Propylene Glycol) and or VG (Vegetable Glycerine). These are clear, nearly flavourless compounds that have been widely used safely in food production since the 1940’s.

Are any of the ingredients harmful?

Nicotine in its pure form is a poison and as such should be treated with care and respect. There is no evidence that ingesting nicotine in the levels they are found in eliquids when vaping, has any detrimental effect on the body. There are studies that have shown a link between nicotine and increased problems in foetal development and as such we would recommend not using eliquids containing nicotine when pregnant.

Does your e-liquid contain Diacetyl?

No. None of the eliquids that we stock have Diacetyl as a flavouring.

What do the 0mg, 3mg, 6mg etc numbers mean?

This relates to the quantity of nicotine in the liquid as measured in milligrams per millilitre. The lower the number, the lower the level of nicotine in the eliquid. These are sometimes represented as a percentage, so for example a low level nicotine product with 3mg/ml can also be represented as 0.3%.

Which strength is best for me?

This is down to personal preference and how strong the variety of cigarettes you smoked was. You can calculate the exact amount of nicotine that is present in every milligram of liquid you vape and then work out how many puffs you get on average from each milligram, but as a rough rule of thumb, this breakdown of the strengths should help:

0mg/mL Nicotine – there is no nicotine in this liquid. It is great for those that are simply looking for the pleasure and sensation of Vaping,  allowing you to try the vast number of flavours available without having a “craving” to satisfy.

3mg/mL Nicotine – The lowest level of nicotine available in a liquid. Often seen as the last stage in coming off a nicotine addiction whilst still fulfilling that slight need for a hit. 

6mg/mL Nicotine –Very low levels of nicotine are present. There is still that slight buzz but it is still mainly about the flavour and act of vaping rather than to fulfil a need. These are equivalent to some Ultra Low or Ultra Light brands of cigarettes.

12mg/mL Nicotine – Still nearer the low end of the nicotine spectrum,  these are for people that are cutting down on their cigarette use, or light/social smokers that are moving across to vaping for the first time.

18mg/ml Nicotine – Medium levels of nicotine, most frequently used by people who would smoke standard strength cigarettes or who would be smoking a packet every 1-2 days. This has enough nicotine in each vape  that you will notice the effect.

24mg/ml Nicotine – This is the highest level of nicotine that we stock in any of our liquids. This is a good starting point for smokers that have a serious habit with high strength cigarettes or who are smoking more than a packet a day

Which eliquid gives the strongest “throat hit”?

That slightly harsh feeling that you get from cigarettes that many vapers are looking to reproduce when first coming off cigarettes is known as a “throat hit”.  Look for liquids that have higher levels of PG in the base,  50% or more as these will deliver slightly less vapour but a more firm and noticeable feeling and taste.

How should I store my eliquids?

Keep all eliquids in a cool dark place, preferably locked and definitely away from the reach of children or animals. The optimum temperature to store eliquids is 18-20 degrees centigrade. Remember – Nicotine is a poison that can be absorbed through the skin, so be careful when you’re refilling.

How long will my eliquid last if it is unopened?

The expiry date for e-liquid isn’t officially established, but based on the life of PG, VG and nicotine it can be expected to be 1-2 years (when stored correctly).E-liquids often have sediment if left still for a while, but if this doesn’t mix when you shake it, your juice might be going bad. Use common sense, if it is more than 12months old and it looks or smells bad, dispose of it responsibly.

Why do my eLiquids sometimes change colour?

If they are exposed to light or heat when being stored they can change colour slightly. This is a natural reaction that sometimes occurs in nicotine. As some liquids age they “steep” and the flavours will develop further often improving the product, this often causes them to darken.  Finally if you are noticing that the liquid in your clearomizer is darkening or the colour deepens further down the reservoir, it can be because of the way in which compounds are picked up by top mounted wicking systems. The fibres in the wick draw in smaller lighter particles more easily than the darker ones meaning that over time the liquid becomes darker.

Are some eliquids better than others?

Undoubedly yes. We hand select the finest grade liquids for our customers so if you buy from us you know you are buying the best.  However there are many, many companies that mass produce poorly mixed and artificially flavoured liquids which some other retailers will stop because they are cheaper. Like most things, true quality costs a little more and that is definitely the case with liquids. Do not worry, every product we list on vapesuperstore.co.uk has been independently checked and reviewed by our team of experts before we start to sell it, so you can buy safe in the knowledge you are getting only the finest.

Can I mix eliquids?

Yes. That is the joy of vaping. With so many available you can try many great off the shelf flavours, or find a few you like, mix them together and create something unique to you.

How much eliquid will I need?

This will depend on how regularly you vape, how long and hard you pull and the tech you are using. But as an approximate guide, a light to average volume vaper, using a standard eGo style vape will get through a 15ml bottle in approximately a week.



My Clearomizer is not working  at all?

There could be a number of reasons behind this, things to check:

  • Have you charged the battery?
  • Have you unlocked the battery? Many devices will require 3 or 5 rapid presses of the button on the battery to allow it to be used. This is a safety device to stop it being activated in your bag or pocket
  • Is the battery correctly screwed on to the clearomizer, if the battery is not correctly tightened there may not be a complete circuit and the power will not work.
  • If you have checked all of these, unscrew the battery and look at the pin coming out of the top. Sometimes if they have been dropped or screwed on to tightly the spring loaded connector pin can be stuck too far down and hence cannot touch the atomizer, completing the circuit and powering the device.
I am not getting enough flavour/taste

Some of this may be down to personal taste and finding the right liquid for you is essential , but there are a few tips you can try:

  • Always buy the best liquids, buying from Vapesuperstore.co.uk means you will always get the best, buy from somewhere else and that may not be true.
  • Look for a liquid that is slightly higher in PG, 50% or more.  PG is slightly thicker and is able to carry the flavour slightly easier.
  • Turn up the voltage on your vape
  • Decrease the size of the air intake holes
  • Look at how you are vaping, try mouth to lung inhales (or any of the other fun types of moth inhale such as “French” inaling or an “irish waterfall”).  Holding the vapour in your mouth for slightly longer before taking it into your lungs allows the flavours to stay on your pallet and tongue for longer.
I am not getting enough Vapour / Exhale cloud

If you are all about creating huge clouds or you simply want a bit more of an expansive vapour exhale, you can try these tips:

  • Look for liquids that are higher in VG,  50% or more, this is slightly thinner and is able to bind on to moisture particles in the air easier.
  • Increase the size of your air intake holes, allowing more air into your device will make the vapour go further, but it will thin it out slightly so turn up the voltage as well.
My Clearomizer/Tank is leaking

The chances are you have put too much liquid in and the excess is coming through when you pull or has gone down the tube into the air intakes. If this is the case, disconnect it, drain out the liquid and blow hard down the tube, this will push out any remaining liquid. Wipe the bottom and the top, reassemble and refill with less eliquid this time.

If you have done this or you are certain it was not over filled and it is still leaking there are a couple of places to look. Firstly check the seal around the bottom of the reservoir/tank. Most frequently damage can occur to the seal when you attach a battery to a head and overtighten it. The plastic “o-ring” on tanks are not the toughest and if you over tighten then or they are squashed out of place, they will not form an adequate seal and eliquid will leak out

I puffed and got a horrible “hot” metallic taste and no vapour?

This is known as a “dry hit” and it is not a very pleasant experience. It is simply because by there not being enough eliquid present on the coil when you pull. To try and avoid this, take these simple steps.

  • Do not let the chamber empty completely.
  • When you fill or refill your chamber allow the liquid 10-15 seconds to settle into a bottom wicking device or 30 seconds in a top mounted wick.
My vapour tastes burnt

This is usually caused by the eliquid sitting on the coil for too long or the coil getting too hot. You can easily fix this by either turning the voltage down on the battery, opening the air intakes slightly wider to allow in more air, or taking slightly less frequent, faster pulls.

I am getting through lots more liquid than I should

The first thing we would check is your device sound? Is there any signs of leaking from either the clearomizer / tank or out of the mouth piece when you vape? If that is not the case then you may need to review the setup you are vaping with. If you have a large mod with multiple coils and you have wide air intakes then you will get through liquid much faster than a normal size vape or eGo style vape.

I bought a new tank / MOD but it won’t stay on the battery?

Check that the mod or tank have the same or compatible connectors or threads, this may not be immediately obvious as some batteries have space around the thread when a head may look to fit just fine but it is not engaging when it is screwed into place.  If you are trying to get an eGo to fit on to a larger battery or mod we have eGo connecters available that make them compatible.