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If you’re experiencing leaking issues with your Vaporesso Orca Solo Plus in this video, we’ll show you a couple of quick and easy steps to resolve your problem.

First of all you’re going to need a fresh coil. The Orca solo plus can be used with either high VG or 50-50 liquids. If you’re using a 0.6 coil we suggest using a high VG liquid. If they’re 1.2 coils use a 50-50 liquid.

If you’re not using the correct ratio liquid to your coil, this could potentially be a cause of your leaking tank.

Now, you can start cleaning your kit. Empty the tank, remove the top cap, glass and coil. Discard the coil, clean and wipe down the individual parts to ensure no juice residue remains. Once your kit has been properly cleaned, ensure the o-rings are aligned correctly (with no signs of damage).

Install your fresh coil, ensuring it’s properly aligned. Ensure the coil is properly seated and not an angle when screwed in. Tighten the coil and ensure it is properly tightened. Be careful however not to overtighten. After this you can fit your glass back on the kit, once again ensuring the o-rings are in place. Fit your glass straight and flush at the bottom.

Time to fill your tank. Don’t fill it up to the top, allow about 2-3 mm of space at the top. Ensuring that the e-liquid you’re using is the correct ratio.

Now screw your top piece back securely. Allow approx 10 mins for the e-liquid to properly saturate the cotton, and a few dry puffs will help this process.

Once you’re happy that everything is properly connected, and your coil is fully primed you can now fire up your vape.