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Drip Tips

They might seem like an inconsequential piece of equipment for your vape - being just another fancy word for an atomizer mouthpiece but drip tips come in all shapes and sizes and can dramatically affect your overall vaping experience. Like anything else - they come with a lot of different options including diameter and material, as well as a variety of colours and patterns. When you have a sub ohm vape and are getting through hotter vapour, your drip tip serves to stop your lips from getting too hot with it.

18 Item(s)

18 Item(s)

Different shapes

Like anything else in the vaping world, each device will carry its own range of options and drip trips are no exception, the different shape can come down purely to comfort - some people prefer a thicker, rounder edge whereas others prefer a thinner option.

Those using RDAs will often go for a longer, thinner custom drip tip, usually made of stainless steel, with a small bore. Metal is incredibly durable so less prone to dents and scratches but if they’re too short they can sometimes transfer uncomfortable levels of heat from your atomizer to your lips with extended use. The longer steel pieces offer a concentrated vapor and rich flavor and help cool the vapour down a little before it gets to your mouth, the shorter the tip - the hotter the vapour will often come through (assuming it’s paired with a higher power vape and tank).

Different materials

They’re usually made of materials like plastic, pyrex and stainless steel. If you’re new to vaping, the drip tip that comes in your vape kit will do absolutely fine, when you’re building your own coils and getting more technical though, investing in a custom vape mouthpiece can be worthwhile.

  • Pyrex is an ideal one for high power Sub Ohm and RDA vapes as it doesn’t get too hot too quickly, nor does it expand a lot when it gets warm. It’s a fairly tough material too - but do try not to drop it.
  • Metal, as mentioned, is a popular option for keeping your vapour a little cooler when it’s a long model of drip tip. Metal options are hardy but can get hot when they’re fairly short which is why they’re more common on the older style of vape pen.
  • Ceramic, this is the material that’s super heat resistant, looks pretty (think of the colour range!) and isn’t easily corroded. The only thing with this option is the high polish finish shows up any gunk more easily than other options.

When it comes to ceramic and glass drip tips, they’re more likely to chip or crack over time but are much more resistant to heat and will stay cooler for longer during extended vaping sessions.

Different widths

When it comes to the width of the bore - the wider it is, the more cloud production you’ll get. The more narrow, the better flavour payoff you’ll get from your vapour.

Finding the best one for you and your vape really comes down to personal preference - with the amount of options available and their relatively low cost, try a few out and see what works best. Aside from all of that - with all the colours and patterns you can get, they just look cool.