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Drip Tips

Just a fancy word for an atomizer mouthpiece, drip tips come in all shapes and sizes and can dramatically affect your overall vaping experience. Picking the right drip tip for your preferred kit performance is absolutely essential and Vape Superstore’s wide selection of normal and wide bore drip tips has you covered. For the uninitiated, the most important thing to know about drip tips is that a narrower tip is going to result in a more pronounced flavour, while a wider bore is going to give you significantly more cloud production.Other than the width of bore, your options when it comes to choosing a drip tip cover a range of things, from aesthetic look to the material from which the mouthpiece is made. Metal drip tips are generally more durable and last longer, but can sometimes transfer uncomfortable levels of heat from your atomizer to your lips with extended use. Ceramic and glass drip tips, on the other hand, are more likely to chip or crack over time but are much more resistant to heat and will stay cooler for longer during extended vaping sessions. Choosing the right drip tip ultimately comes down to trial and error, and our extensive selection gives you the opportunity to test a wide variety of drip tips and find the one that’s best for you and your kit.

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13 Item(s)


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