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Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes have quickly become one of the most popular types of e-cig pens for new vapers. These single-use devices are a compact and efficient vape kit that requires no setup or maintenance. Disposable vape pens are pre-filled with e-liquid and can provide up to 800 puffs per kit, which is the equivalent of 40 cigarettes per device. We carry TPD compliant disposable e-cigarettes from top brands like Elf Bar, Geek Bar and ELUX.

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What are disposable vapes?

Disposable e-cigarettes, also known as disposables, are all-in-one e-cig kits that include a battery and a pre-filled pod with an integrated coil.

Disposable vape pens, as opposed to rechargeable vape pens, use a non-rechargeable battery and a closed pod; once the battery is fully drained or the pod is empty, it must be discarded responsibly.

These single-use devices are intended to provide a satisfying nicotine hit via a mouth-to-lung inhale, similar to that of smoking traditional cigarettes.

They are typically pre-filled with a salt-based nicotine e-liquid in quantities ranging from 1ml to 2ml.

Fully Charged Battery Icon

Pre-charged battery

Disposable e-cigs are supplied with a pre-charged lithium battery making it super simple to use and ready to use out of the box.

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Pre-filled pod

The pod component of the disposable is pre-filled with flavoured e-liquid utilising nicotine salts. There is no requirement to replace the coil or refill with e-liquid.

Inhale Icon

Inhale activation

With no fire button, puff bars are inhale-activated and upon inhaling the battery is activated and draws heat through to the pre-filled pod. The generated heat then converts the e-liquid into vapour, which you then inhale.

Empty Battery Icon


The bars can be used continuously until the battery is depleted, at which point it can be disposed of.

Features of a disposable showing a Geek Bar

How many puffs do they offer?

Single-use disposable e-cigarettes have come a long way thanks to technological advancements. With improved battery life, they'll give you roughly the same number of puffs as 40 cigarettes - typically 500 - 600 puffs per device, with the highest available offering 800 puffs.

Who are they recommended for?

Disposable vapes are an excellent low-cost and simple way to vape, making them ideal for new vapers. If you're looking to quit smoking, disposable pod kits are the way to go. They're completely hassle-free and mimic the sensation of smoking.

Because of their compact size, they are ideal for both beginners and experienced vapers. If you're on the go or just need a backup device, disposable kits are ideal for all types of vapers.

What are the best brands?

Since their initial dominance, the disposable vape market has seen many entrants, with Chinese vape manufacturer Elf Bar and Geek Vape's GeekBar initially dominating the space. Many UK e-liquid brands, including Dinner Lady and IVG, have recently taken advantage of the new trend.

What are the best flavours?

We stock over 300 flavour varieties from menthol and fruit through to more unique flavour blends. Choosing the best disposable vape flavour will come down to personal taste however you can view our top selling flavours here.

What is the best kit to buy?

Disposable vape kits come in a variety of battery sizes, puff counts, and flavour options. Choosing the best disposable vape kits comes down to flavour selection and meeting your taste preferences. If you need assistance choosing the best disposable kit for you, please contact us for a personalised recommendation.