Explore our vast range of over 3000 e-liquids, carefully selected for both beginner and experienced vapers. Available in a variety of strengths, flavours and sizes, our collection ensures there's something from everyone. We pride ourselves on only sourcing the best e-liquids in the UK and worldwide, selecting from leading vape juice brands to guarantee quality and satisfaction. Discover our diverse range from high VG blends for cloud chasers, balanced 50/50 liquids for everyday vaping, to larger bottles of nicotine-free shortfills. Whether you're looking for the smooth experience of nic salts, the consistent quality of our TPD compliant 10ml bottles, or the flexibility of shortfills, we've got you covered. Shop with confidence, knowing you're choosing from the most extensive e-liquid range in the UK, all offered at unbeatable prices. Plus, enjoy the convenience of free tracked next day delivery on orders over £20!

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What is e-liquid?

E-Liquid, or vape juice, is the flavoured mixture that is added to your e-cigarette. The e-liquid is added to the vape tank component of your kit, and when heated, the flavoured liquid evaporates, creating a water based vapour that is inhaled and exhaled.

Vape juice, also known as e-juice, is made up of four ingredients (rising to 5 with the addition of nicotine); the core ingredients used are:

  • Food-grade Flavouring
    Food-grade flavouring
  • Propylene glycol
    Propylene glycol (PG)
  • Vegetable glycerine
    Vegetable glycerine (VG)
  • Nicotine
  • Water

Each of these ingredients are safe to be vaped, however the liquids can be dangerous if swallowed directly or if it comes into contact with skin. Each of the ingredients used will be listed on the packaging.

Ingredients displayed on a bottle of e liquid

What are PG and VG Ratios?

Two primary ingredients used in making e-liquid are Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Within each bottle, 95% of the liquid solution is glycerin/glycol (PG & VG), the remaining 5% is made up of the flavouring and nicotine.

Most e-liquid is a mix of PG and VG in different proportions, with common mixtures including 80 percent PG and 20 percent VG, 70 percent PG and 30 percent VG, and 50/50.

When buying vape juices you'll see that the PG/VG is marked as a ratio.

What is Propylene Glycol (PG)?

Propylene Glycol, often referred to as PG, is a clear, flavourless additive that has a similar viscosity to that of water. PG is the ingredient within vapour liquid that gives a throat hit and also serves to carry the flavour.

Higher PG e liquid is usually used in lower powered, mouth to lung pen devices as its thinner consistency is easier to vaporise than VG. High PG liquids are typically higher in nic strength, and will give a closer replication of a traditional cigarette therefore are most popular with first time vapers.

PG is used in a variety of different day-to-day items, including food products and medicine.

What is Vegetable Glycerin (VG)?

Vegetable Glycerin, commonly known as VG, is a much thicker consistency and is made from a vegetable base. Non toxic, VG has a sweet taste and is the ingredient within the liquid mixture that’s responsible for producing the vapour itself.

High VG e liquid is designed for more powerful e-cig kits, as the thicker liquid consistency means it takes more heat to evaporate. Vaping a high VG e-liquid will give you much larger and denser clouds of vapour.

Common items that VG can be found in include toothpaste, pet food and even beauty products.

E-Liquid bottles displayed on a shelf in a Vape Shop

What are the different types of e-liquid?

There are a wide range of e-liquid types, both with nicotine and without. With so many to choose from, it can sometimes prove difficult to decide which type is right for you and best for the vape kit you’re using.

The types of e-liquid available to vapers are:

50/50 or 60VG/40PG - (or High PG)

Best suited to lower powered MTL style kits, for instance pod kits or MTL starter kits. For plus ohm MTL coils (1 ohm or more), we recommend to always use a high PG ratio e-liquid. These vape juices with nicotine are the best types to buy for beginner vapers, as they closely replicate the sensation of a cigarette and are available in strengths of up to 18mg. 50/50 liquids are available in 10ml bottle sizes and shortfills.

70VG/30PG (or higher VG)

Designed to be used with sub-ohm tanks and higher powered vape kits. VG, or Vegetable Glycerin, is a thick, sweet liquid and will provide you with denser clouds of vapour and intense flavour. The thicker consistency of high VG liquids means that a plus ohm (MTL) coil cannot properly absorb the liquid, and in turn will give a poor vaping experience. Sub-ohm liquids generally will not come in a strength higher than 6mg.

Nic Salts

Salts vaporise at a lower temperature, so are also great in lower powered MTL kits. Nic salts are made with using nicotine salt in place of conventional freebase nicotine. The salts help to give a much softer throat hit even at higher strengths.

Nic salts are commonly available in either 10mg or 20mg strengths, and TPD limited to a 10ml bottle size.

Bar Juices

Bar vape juices are e-liquids specifically designed to replicate the taste of disposable vapes. They are available in 10ml bottles and use a nicotine salt, making them best suited for use in MTL vape kits. These juices have become a recent trend in the vaping world, following the success of disposable vapes. One of the unique features of bar liquids is their double concentration of flavourings, which provides extra sweetness and a stronger flavour profile, giving users a similar taste experience to disposable vapes. Popular brands producing bar vape juices include ELFLIQ, Bar Juice 5000, Elux Liquids, and many more.


These are nicotine-free e-liquids and come in larger bottles which are only 80% filled with liquid. With the remaining space, you can add a nicotine shot to the bottle to create an e-liquid with nicotine. When you mix the nicotine shot, ensure you do it slowly to avoid any spillage.

Why buy E-Liquids from Vape Superstore?

As a leading online retailer of vapes and e-liquid, we only source the best vape juice from UK and worldwide brands. All of the e-liquid we sell is TPD compliant and MHRA approved, so you can be confident that you're vaping legal and safe e-liquids.

Vapesuperstore.co.uk is the best vape shop to buy yourself a new bottle of vape liquid, thanks to our money-saving multi-buy discounts, free tracked next day delivery, and price match guarantee.

Need more information on e-liquids? Check out our E-Liquid buying guide.

Vape Juice FAQ's

How much does e-liquid cost?

Premium bottes typically start from £2.95 RRP for a standard 10ml bottle, as the volume increases as does the price. However, often if purchasing higher volumes e.g. Shortfills, the cost per ml will reduce. Buying vape juice in our multi-buy deals will also make them much cheaper.

What strength vape juice should I use?

Another of the ingredients used is nicotine, this is the most well known chemical found in tobacco and is added to e-liquid at a variety of strengths.

The majority of vapers will opt to vape with nicotine, with the most popular e-liquids being either a 3mg or 6mg strength. However, strengths up to 20mg are available which is the maximum legal limit within the UK.

Choosing the right nic strength is an important decision when buying e-liquid for the first time. To choose the right strength, you need to consider your smoking habit.

  • Light smokers who only have a few cigarettes a day should go for a 3mg or 6mg strength.
  • Moderate smokers who get through up to a pack a day should start at a 12mg level.
  • Heavy smokers going through a pack a day and over should look at 18-20mg strengths.

What are the types of nicotine?

Nicotine found within the vape liquid is available in two forms; freebase and salt based.

Conventional (freebase) is what you would typically find in your standard e-liquid, it is nicotine in it's purest form making it more potent when heated.

Nic Salts not only contain nicotine but various other organic components, such as Benzoic acid. The addition of benzoic acid reduces the pH level, which means when vaping the liquid is less harsh and in turn allows you to vape at higher strengths.

Is vaping without nicotine safe?

Vaping nicotine free liquids does not make them less or more safe.

If you're an ex-smoker that is looking to start to vaping, therefore likely still requiring nicotine, we would recommend you begin with an eliquid that does contain nicotine. Otherwise, due to you not receiving your hit you are at risk of smoking traditional cigarettes to get your fix.

Start with nicotine containing liquids, you can then gradually lower the strength over time.

Find out more in our guide on Choosing the right nicotine strength.

What are the best vape juice flavours?

There is a huge array of mouth-watering vape juice flavours available to accomodate for the varying tastes of vapers. Finding your all time favourite flavour is one of the best and most exciting parts of vaping. There are a huge variety of vape liquids available in flavours ranging from tobacco to menthol and fruity to dessert flavours. Ultimately which is the best flavour is down to personal preference, a flavour that someone may enjoy might not necessarily be enjoyed by someone else.

Whilst you may begin with a tobacco or menthol vape flavour, as these will be a closer taste to what you’re used to, you can now really branch out and try some unique flavour blends. E-liquids will generally fall into one of these flavour groups; Tobacco, Menthol, Fruit, Dessert or Sweet/Candy. Once you’re more experienced, you can also mix your own complimentary flavours to find the perfect flavour for your taste.

Can I use any brand of e-liquid in my vape?

You can purchase any brand of liquid to use in your vape kit. All of the brands we sell meet the legal requirements for sale in the UK, so as long as you use the correct ratio vape juice, you can use any brand you want.

What is the best vape juice brand?

We are extremely fortunate to have some of the best vape brands right here in the UK, including Vampire Vape, Zeus Juice and Dinner Lady. As well as many UK made e-liquids, we will also stock brands from further afield such as Elf Bar ELFLIQ, SKE Crystal & ELUX Legends.

How do you store e-liquids?

For maximum flavour and to ensure the longevity of your e-liquid, store in a cool, dark place. Keeping the bottles away from direct sunlight and heat. Likewise, don't go too cold. However for long-term storage some vapers store their e-liquids in the fridge.

Providing the bottle is stored correctly and the lid is tight, once opened the liquid can last up to two years.

Always keep the bottle sealed and away from children or pets.

What is TPD Compliance?

All e-liquids sold in the UK must comply with TPD regulations, and are required to be submitted to the MHRA for approval. Discover what TPD compliance is and how we comply.