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Vape Tanks

Discover our collection of vape tanks, cultivated to cater for every kind of vaper. We stock the world’s most reputable brands of vape mod tanks from the likes of SMOK vape, Aspire and Vaporesso as well as more niche tank brands including Geek Vape and Freemax. Whether you’re a transitioning smoker or simply prefer a mouth to lung vape we have a broad variety of MTL tanks to choose from. Or for the coil builders and direct to lung vapers we also have a huge variety of sub ohm tanks, RDAs and RTAs.

GO Z Tank by Innokin



GTL Pod Tank by Eleaf
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Huracan Tank by Aspire
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Scion 2 Vape Tank by Innokin
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Scion 2 Vape Tank by Innokin


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    X Tank Pod by Vaporesso



    iTank by Vaporesso
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    iTank by Vaporesso



    Aquila Tank by HorizonTech
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    Aquila Tank by HorizonTech



    MAAT Vape Tank by Voopoo
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    Z Force Vape Tank by Innokin
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    PnP Pod Tank by Voopoo
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    TPP Pod Tank 2 by Voopoo
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    Z MTL Tank by Geek Vape
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    Exploded view of a Vape Tank

    What is a Vape Tank?

    Vape tanks are tasked with holding your vaping liquid and the element called a coil that heats the liquid up to produce vapour. Many tanks have something called a 510 connector, this is the little piece of threading on the peg at the bottom of the tank. It serves to screw your tank onto your battery and is how charge flows from one to the other. The beauty of this is that many brands have the same 510 connector feature so you can swap out different parts of your vape kit - combining a SMOK tank with a Vaporesso mod for example.

    Vape Tanks are comprised of a few components; the drip tip, the top cap, the glass cylinder, the base and of course a vape coil. The drip tip is the part you put in your mouth to vape and they come in different sizes depending on whether you’re looking for enhanced flavour or vapour. This is attached to the top cap which is often the part that opens for you to fill the tank with e-liquid. The glass cylinder is what actually holds your vape juice and is situated between the top cap and base. Finally, the base is usually where you’ll find the peg that connects the tank to the battery as well as being the normal spot for your air vents. Inside all of this is the coil to heat your vape juice.

    There are three main types of vape tank available. Regular tanks (whether that be a sub ohm or mouth to lung tank), RDAs and RTAs. Sub Ohm and mouth to lung tanks are built to accommodate a coil that you either drop straight in or screw into place. They’re great for people who want a fuss free option looking for a particular coil resistance you can get straight off the shelf. RDAs (rebuildable dripping atomisers) are for more experienced practitioners as you need to build your own coils out of wire or mesh and cotton. Using these requires e-liquid to be dripped directly onto the cotton rather than being absorbed from a tank like a traditional atomiser. RTAs are a similar design in that they require a coil to be made within them, but they also have a tank so you don’t need to constantly top up the wicking material with e-liquid.

    How does a vape tank work?

    Atomisers (also referred to as tanks) are the part of your vaping set-up that holds the e-liquid and the coil. Most tanks have a top fill design, meaning you pour e-liquid in through a little slot or around the coil inside.

    Once you’ve filled the tank, the e-liquid saturates your coil. When you inhale to vape or press the firing button (depending on the style of your vape) the battery heats the coil. As the wire or mesh inside the coil gets hot, it warms up the cotton around it to turn your e-liquid into the vapour you inhale. The vast majority of atomisers have bottom coils, though some have double or top coils.

    Different type of Vape Tanks

    What is the difference between MTL tanks and Sub Ohm Tanks?

    The main difference is the technique used to vape. A mouth to lung tank is best for ex-smokers wanting something that can be dragged on in the same way you would a conventional cigarette. You do this by drawing vapour into your mouth first then down to your lungs, they typically deliver more flavour than dense vapour. Sub Ohm tanks on the other hand are beasts at producing huge amounts of vapour, and come with super low resistance coils (less than one Ohm).

    What is the best Vape Tank in the UK?

    FOR BEGINNERS: There are many different affordable vape tanks and starter kits available that are designed with beginners in mind. We can provide you with basic yet highly-functional entry-level vape tanks that cater to either mouth to lung or direct to lung vaping styles. These will help you get to grips with the practicalities of vaping before you are ready to experiment and start creating your own bespoke vaping experience. Once you have grasped the basics, we’re always on hand to help you upgrade your vaping equipment and try something more powerful or a rebuildable like an RDA or RTA.

    FOR FLAVOUR: There are many features flavour-chasers look for when selecting vape tanks for flavour. Bottom-coil atomisers have a great reputation when it comes to flavour, as do Sub Ohm tanks. Opting for a rebuildable atomiser can be a good move when you’ve built up sufficient vaping experience. Cotton (which should always be organic so it's chemical free and safe to inhale from) is a favoured wicking material for boosting flavour. It also helps to store your e-liquid in dark, cool areas to help it retain its taste.