Sub Ohm Tanks

Sub ohm tanks are made for the cloud chasers of the world in mind. With the realm of sub ohm vaping no longer being only for advanced vapers who are building their own coils, even beginners can find a tank that suits their needs to deliver some serious flavour and cloud production. Pre-built atomiser heads are enabling novices and other less-experienced users to enjoy the benefits of a sub ohm tank without exposing themselves to the dangers of vaping with home-made coils. The low coil resistance and high ampere currents sub ohm vaping is built around enables users to create huge clouds which surpass anything that was previously possible.

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What is Sub Ohm Vaping?

If the concept is new to you - sub ohm vaping, as the name would suggest, is when the coil in your tank is 1 ohm or less (compared to the typical 1 - 2.5 ohm resistance in a conventional tank). A lot of these will also come with adjustable airflow too - the more air you get through, the bigger the clouds you’ll throw. Less air means the vapour will settle in your tank and chimney a little longer, giving a more powerful flavour payoff.

Sub Ohm Vape Tanks at Vape Superstore

We offer a sizeable range of sub ohm vape tanks to suit those on a budget and cater for vapers with more to invest. Options that support or include RBA build deck coil heads are available, delivering impressive versatility without constant dripping being needed or ease of use being compromised. If on-the-go cloud chucking is your aim, our range won’t disappoint.

Whether you’re a beginner or already have years of vaping activity to draw upon, we have the durable and convenient solutions you need to produce superior vaping experiences that may well surpass anything you have encountered previously. Take a closer look at our expansive range of the best sub ohm tanks today, and don’t hesitate to get in touch for further guidance.

Benefits of Sub Ohm Vaping

In case we haven’t stressed this one hard enough - these are the best vape tanks if you want the biggest clouds possible. They also offer an incredibly smooth vaping experience - there are a few reasons for this. One, they’re powerful, so when you combine that with a high wattage mod you can vaporise those higher VG e liquids (with PG being the bit that gives the throat hit).

Aside from increased power making bigger clouds, you’ll also get a stronger nicotine hit with Sub Ohm vaping. The good thing about this is people often end up dropping the nicotine strength in their juice quite considerably. Lower nic strength also makes for a smoother hit, so no scratchy feeling in your throat when you’re chugging away on it all day.

You’ll also get warmer vapour (again this comes down partly to airflow - open up your vents for a cooler feel, the more tightly closed they are, the warmer it’ll be). We can also put this one down to the higher wattage that goes with these tanks. The flavour carried by these tanks is also an experience you’ll want to try - once you go Sub Ohm you’ll never go back.