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Mouth to Lung Tanks

A mouth to lung vape tank remains the best choice for anyone looking for the synergistic melding of power, portability, and convenience whether in the home or on the go. Mouth to lung vaping is a great choice for ex-smokers, flavour chasers, or anyone that likes to draw vapour into their mouth as they inhale rather than taking it directly into their lungs. Packing nearly all of the flavour and cloud producing potential of their dripper counterparts but with the convenience of a fillable tank that allows one handed vaping with no need to drip, a MTL vape tank is the perfect choice for those who love great flavour and hassle-free vaping all in one package.



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What is Mouth to Lung Vaping?

It’s in the name - mouth to lung vaping is the method typically utilised by ex-smokers when they start their vaping journey as it emulates the same style as smoking conventional cigarettes.

Mouth to Lung Tanks use a plus Ohm coil, so they’re not particularly known for chucking serious clouds. However - mouth to lung vape tanks generally produce superior flavour compared to sub ohm tanks as you get the flavour hit on the way in when you hold vapour in your mouth and again when you exhale.

Mouth to Lung Vape Tanks are generally a bit harder on the throat hit meaning the nicotine buzz and sensation you get from them are most like smoking. They’re also well suited for higher nicotine levels, again, making them an ideal choice for ex-smokers looking to replicate the feeling of tobacco smoke without the bad smell or the harmful health effects. You’ll get less of a lung hit than with direct to lung vaping - so if you prefer a lighter option in that sense, this could be for you.

Mouth to Lung tanks at Vape Superstore

With a huge range of fantastic and affordable mouth to lung vape tanks that produce nice (but modest) clouds and absolutely incredible flavour, Vape Superstore has everything you need. Whether you’re in search of some help quitting tobacco or you just love the taste and feel of a good vape on your tongue, providing you with a wide range of choices, we can help you find the exact MTL to meet your individualised needs. With great options like the full-sized Pangu, Kanger ProTank 4 or Aspire Nautilus 2S vape tanks to miniaturized options the like Aspire Triton Mini, Kanger Protank 3 Mini, and the Toptank Mini, with over a dozen MTL options to choose from, Vape Superstore has you covered with a vape tank that will suit any mod you might have for both at home and on-the-go vaping.

Benefits of Mouth To Lung Vaping

Typically the tanks and batteries that go together are of a lower power and higher resistance, this means a few things for you. First of all, you’ll use less liquid. Because you’re also taking shorter, shallower puffs with MTL you won’t be refilling too often and you won’t necessarily need to be carrying around little bottles in your pocket either.

With a high resistance vape coil, you’ll also get a cooler vape. Which, when you’re chain vaping, can be a more pleasant sensation and won’t burn through coils like chain vaping on a Sub Ohm device would.

They’re a more affordable set up to purchase in the first place. Due to their lower battery capacity and higher Ohm coils, you won’t need to purchase a high powered mod to get you going. The coils also tend to last longer too.

Because this method is also often used to for higher nicotine levels, you’ll generally also have a higher PG liquid in there. As PG is easier to vaporise you’ll also be using less battery power so don’t need to recharge as often either.

Mouth to lung is also perfect for those stealth vapers amongst you. This method and these tanks produce less vapour so can be used more discreetly than their cloud-producing Sub Ohm cousins.

Last but certainly not least - you’ll get great flavour pay off with the combination of holding vapour in your mouth before inhaling and the higher PG liquid (which carries flavour better anyway).