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Advanced Vape Kits

Take your vaping experience to the next level with our range of advanced vape kits. Advanced sub-ohm vape kits offer increased power and more control, allowing you to vape how you want to, when you want to, for as long as you need to. We only sell the best e-cigarette kits on the market; our in-house experts personally select and test every product on our site, meaning you can buy with confidence. Note that these sub-ohm vape kits are more suited for experienced vapers. If you are unsure which kit is best for your needs, get in touch with us – one of our experts will be more than happy to help you.

RPM 5 Pod Kit by SMOK
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RPM 5 Pro Pod Kit by SMOK
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Z100C DNA Pod Kit by Geek Vape
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GEN Fit Vape Kit by Vaporesso
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Innokin Adept Zlide Vape Kit Bundle
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Close up of Vaporesso Gen 200

Buying an advanced Vape Kit

If this is your first move into the world of advanced vaping - there are a few things to think about before you make your choice. These devices are all optimised for sub ohm vaping - but some will take a little more getting used to than others with some having more options than others too.

If you’re moving from a simple integrated battery type e-cigarette, something like an advanced box mod kit might be perfect - these kits are the next step up in customisation with all the safety features of a more basic model. You can still get the replaceable coils, just now they’re more chunky and an even lower resistance, giving you that more refined taste and better vapour.

The next level up from your intermediate vapes is when you’re ready to be building your own coils but also want something a little more unique. You’re the adventurous type and like to be using the latest tech, so trying out something like a squonk vape kit might be for you. The beauty of these models is that they are mostly supplied with an RDA tank allowing for more experimentation (and means you don’t need to be dripping all the time with their squeezy design). You’ll still have all the usual safety features like over-discharge protection but you’ve also got a super-charged battery and a whole raft of options to customise to your liking.

With the invention of sub ohm vaping meaning lower resistance coils and higher VG juices were more draining on battery life, these kits have some serious power to them. Whilst some of the advanced kits will have an integrated battery just like the beginner kits, they’re much higher capacity and can last a lot longer too. There’s also plenty of models which have external vape batteries, meaning you can charge a spare set up on the side so you never need to be without your vape if one set runs out of power.

Another upgrade you’ll be getting is smart coil detection - a clever little safety feature from these mods that can tell the resistance of the coil you’ve put in meaning you’ll see it on the OLED screen and can adjust your wattage to suit it accordingly.
With the screen on these devices, you’re now allowed you to adjust things like temperature (great if you prefer a cooler vape), wattage (dropping the wattage a bit will help your battery and coil last longer) and will tell you how many puffs you’ve taken as well as how long the last one you took was. You can even change the colour and display to suit your preference - sometimes they come in touch screen too.

Battery going in GeekVape S100

Which Vape Mod Kit is right for you?

It really comes down to two things - experience and how much time you’re willing to commit. The advanced kits can be compatible with coil building so will require some knowledge of resistance and the engineering behind it if that’s what you’re looking to do long term. If you’re happy to tinker away on a coil deck getting just the right balance of resistance and current the squonk kits could be perfect for you. Or, you can use them exactly as they are with the tank they already come with when you just want something already set up to use. The payoff with this one is you can customise your vaping experience to nth degree as far as resistance, power and of course - you get that massive cloud production.

Regular refillable tank kits on the other hand still offer the safety features of a more simple entry level vape, but also give you the option to change more settings to your liking from wattage and voltage, along with considerably more powerful batteries (whether they’re removable or integrated). The other good thing about these models is, even though you need to adjust the wattage yourself, they come with guidance in the kit. You can’t go far wrong when you can follow the wattage resistance on the coil itself that was made for your device, so you get it just right every time. Either way - you’ll be massively upgrading your vape equipment with whichever option you go for, you’ll be enjoying more pure and enhanced flavour and immense clouds.

As always with any of our products, if you’re unsure - get in touch with us. We’re more than happy to give you a personalised recommendation and if you want to try something out first you can come visit us in store and take it for a test drive there.