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Vape Batteries

With any e-cigarette, a vape battery is one of the most important components of an e-cig. Vape batteries will power the coil to heat your e-liquid to turn it into the vapour you’re after. Getting the right one is important to give you right amount of power whilst also doing so safely - whether you are looking for a standard eGo battery or a mod battery we have a wide range of e-cig batteries to suit your requirements and budget. Explore our range of vape batteries from popular 18650 through to 26650 sizes.

18350 1100mAh Battery by YDL

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About Vape Batteries

When you’re starting out with vaping, one of the most popular options is the eGo style battery. Super affordable, with a decent amount of charge and a simple to use design they’re the typical starting point for most people. With its battery integrated into the device itself, there’s no need to remove anything to recharge it and they’re ideal for fixed wattage vaping and standard ohm coils (for those of you who prefer a stronger throat hit). They’re a lower power than your sub ohm mods and batteries but are easy to charge - just plug in the USB port and you’re good to go. They’re the simple option with charging safety features - once they’re full they shut off and will last you a few hours to a full day depending on use. They have a voltage limit thats set within the battery so are less customisable, but are great for beginners as they’re a user-friendly model with a fire to go button on the side.

With the invention of sub ohm vaping bringing some incredibly low resistance coils to the market, combined with high VG e liquids gaining popularity particularly amongst the cloud chasers of the world, batteries needed to step up their strength. Most advanced personal mods will require two 18650 batteries - these are the most popular supercharged batteries of the vaping world. It’s always a good idea to have two sets (or three if you’re an all day vaper like those of us at Vape Superstore head office!) and to keep some to one side for when you’re going out and need spares.


Our battery range includes:

Choosing the right battery for your vape is essential. Dependant on the kit or mod you are using there are two main types of vape battery:


Found in the vast majority of mods, the numbers simply stand for the size. 18mm diameter, 65mm height and a “0” for being cylindrical. Although rather large in size, 18650 vape batteries nevertheless are power-pushing, long-lasting heavyweights that are used for one reason: they deliver.


Less common and recognised by being slightly wider than 18650s, the 26650 batteries are 22mm in diameter and 65mm height. Not many models take 26650s, but they’re around for powering the likes of some iJoy and Aspire devices.

Battery Tips

  • When you open up a new kit for the first time, it’s tempting to go hell for leather and try out your new (or first ever) vape - but it’s best to fully charge your batteries to set them up properly.

  • If you are carrying spare batteries around - please make sure you put them in a battery case or surround them with something non-conductive. They’re carrying a lot of charge and if they end up jangling around in your pocket with some keys you can complete the circuit and that’s when an injury can happen.

  • Lithium ion batteries (the kind of battery you’ll find in a vape) are pretty forgiving as far as charging goes, you don’t need to charge them fully every time nor do you need to let them get totally flat before you plug them back in again. When they’re properly cared for you can expect to get about 12 to 18 months use out of them before they need to be recycled.

  • Keep an eye on your batteries while they charge. Vaping and ecig devices are a lot safer in the home than cigarettes, but better to be safe and make sure nothing can overheat or fail. You’ll also extend the battery life by only charging them until they’re full - so don’t leave them plugged in overnight either.

  • If the wrap on the battery is dented or peeling off, the battery itself is looking a bit warped or getting really hot - it’s time to replace them.

  • Whether you’re looking for some new batteries because your old ones have reached the end of their life (usually they’ll recharge very quickly then lose power just as fast) or you just want some spares to keep charged up so you don’t need to take breaks when they’re charging, we’ll have something right for you. When you’re recharging batteries, you’ll want to make sure you’re doing it properly too - so once you’ve found the ones you need - check out the charger that goes best with them to maximise your vaping power and battery lifespan.