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For the easiest, most convenient vaping, pod mods are the way to go. With no need to change coils or refill top fill tanks, you just click in your cartridge and go. Once you stop getting the hit you need or notice a decrease in vapour production just pop in a new pod. The coil is already preloaded inside and many pods come prefilled with liquid so you don’t to worry about that bit either, which is great if you want to be able to just click in a cartridge and go. They’re also ideal to pair with nic salts if you have an open pod system and need a high nicotine level but still want a smooth hit.

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Open vs. Closed systems

Pods come in either open or closed systems, both of which carry their own benefits. Depending on what you’re looking for you may prefer one over the other.

An open pod system is where the pod comes empty when you buy it, and you can put your juice of choice inside. They usually have a small rubber bung you pop open, allowing you to pour your liquid in. Then just close them up and click into place in your mod. The benefit of this is you have more options when it comes to flavour and nicotine strength as you can choose according to your preferences. You’ll also save money as you can refill your pod several times before the coil burns out and it needs replacing.

The closed systems are the most low maintenance vaping option you can go for. You’ll typically have less nicotine strength and flavour options available to you, so these pods are often best for recent quitters who have switched to vaping and aren’t sure what their tastes are yet. You only get one use out of these pods so they can be a little more expensive in the long run. However, the benefit is you never need to open a cartridge up, just get the right one for your pod, click it into place and you’re ready to vape.

Pods and refills at Vape Superstore

At Vape Superstore, we have a wide variety of the most popular pods on the market as well as providing their corresponding refills. Whether you need some easy to use magnetic pods for your Hexa, NS20 pods for your Aspire Gusto or a super slim refillable cartridge for your Suorin Air, we have what you need to keep you vaping.